A body appears in an advanced state of decomposition on the Fangar beach

The Mossos d'Esquadra maritime unit located and rescued on Saturday morning the body in an advanced state of decomposition of a woman on the Fangar beach, near the lighthouse, in the municipality of Deltebre.

The discovery took place five minutes before a quarter to twelve at noon, according to police sources. The judicial police of the Civil Guard took charge of the remains - the body was missing some soft parts - and notified the Tortosa guard court to remove the body.

The initial inspection determined that it was a woman of Caucasian origin, possibly the partner of the man found dead on day 5 near the Casablanca platform. The two had disappeared after going sailing.

The agents took samples so that the Institute of Legal Medicine could study them and provide more data. Court number 1 of Tortosa has taken charge of the investigations. The investigators do not rule out that the body may belong to the woman of German nationality who went sailing with her husband at the end of last September from Deltebre.

On October 5, a Tarragona fishing boat found the man's lifeless body on the high seas, near the Casablanca maritime platform, about 47 kilometers from the point where they set sail. So, both of them had been missing for a week. The daughter, who lives in India, notified the security forces because she had not been able to contact them for days. The couple spent their holidays in Benicarló and their car with the trailer for the boat appeared at a campsite in Riumar, in Deltebre, after Civil Guard agents found the vehicle keys on the man's body.

The investigation mobilized a Maritime Rescue helicopter, which made a reconnaissance along the Ebre River from Tortosa to La Ràpita. A Civil Guard boat and another from the Mossos d'Esquadra also carried out investigation tasks along the coast, while the Mossos and local police acted on land.

The strong mistral wind in the area was raised as a possible cause of the disappearance and a possible sinister. This extended the search radius to Mallorca, which is why the rescue teams stopped looking.

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