A decorative item for less than €2 is causing a furor at Mercadona: ideal for the home

It is undeniable the positive impact that a relaxing home has on our well-being and inner peace. When we are at home, we want to enjoy an environment where we can feel comfortable and calm.

And although it may seem difficult to achieve, a Mercadona it is possible to find products that manage to improve the appearance of our homes. A clear example is the following products, which are becoming the favorites of many consumers.

  1. Mercadona candles, ideal for perfuming your home
    1. You can choose between 4 very attractive fragrances
  2. How can we use Mercadona candles?

Mercadona candles, ideal for perfuming your home

Between the corridors of Mercadona you can get aromatic candles, ideal for perfuming any stay, giving them a very special touch. In particular, you can find them in the home section of all stores, be it Spain or Portugal.

When you use them you will be able to check the exquisiteness of their long fragrance, which lasts until the last moment. Likewise, they are ideal for placing them in centerpieces, setting romantic dinners, using them as an element of decoration...

If you like the smell of vanilla, this candle is a must

| Mercadona

In addition, being so cheap (€1.65 per unit in Spain and €1.70 in Portugal) they are a very safe bet. And not only that, both for everyday use and for specific dates, these candles from Mercadona they become a very interesting option thanks to their versatility.

Think that for every use of a candle, you will be aromatizing, decorating and illuminating a corner of your home. On the other hand, if you are a fan of meditation, you will find it a great option to completely relax.

You can choose between 4 very attractive fragrances

The most colorful of these scented candles from Mercadona is that they have 4 different fragrances, so you will easily find one that you like. Among the fragrances there is the aroma of vanilla, chai, wild fruits or talc.

If you're interested in the vanilla one, you'll recognize it by its yellow case. The chai one stands out for its orange color. If you're more of a wild fruit person, you'll have to look for the red one. And finally, if you're drawn to the talc one, you'll have to look for the lilac case.

Both as a decorative element and for its scent, you won't be able to stop drooling over the Chai candle

| Mercadona

All of these come in 120g glasses in reusable glasses, so once they're finished, you can give them a new 'life'. For this reason, you will only have to clean them when the candle has been consumed.

It is best to fill the glass with hot water and liquid soap, so you can easily remove any remaining wax with a sponge. Once the cleaning is done, you can give free rein to your imagination and give them an original use.

Are you passionate about the smell of wild fruits?  Then this is your ideal candle

| Mercadona

And if you're worried about how long you'll be able to use them, you're in luck. They all last approximately 30 hours, so you'll enjoy a scented environment for quite a long time.

How can we use Mercadona candles?

To start enjoying its fragrance, just follow a few simple steps. The first thing is to open the case and remove the candle. You will then need to ensure that you place it on a surface that is heat resistant and away from any combustible materials or drafts.

Once the candle is consumed, you can reuse its glass container

It is also important to leave at least 20 cm of distance between candles, in case you want to light more than one simultaneously. To light them, you will only have to place the wick in a vertical position and use a lighter or a match.

Remember, above all, the importance of paying attention to the candles. It is advisable to never leave a burning candle unattended. If you can't keep an eye on it, you can turn it off by blowing.

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