A group of wild boars, a regular on a boulevard in Calafell

For weeks now, a family of wild boars has been going to the garden on Rambla Nova in Calafell and digging in the ground, theoretically to look for food.

Although he does not find anything, the animals have taken the habit of going to the same area and causing damage to the land.

For years it has been easy to see wild boars entering urban areas and in Calafell it has been seen on the promenade and on the beaches, as well as in the urbanizations.

However, in the case of the group of wild boars in which there are several offspring, they are regulars in the garden of the boulevard. Specialists consider that the animals have settled in the area because they find tranquility and a large green area.

In any case, the recommendation is not to get close since in the case of feeling cornered or threatened, they can attack.

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