A man dies after falling down a mountain channel in Osona

Tragic event a Dare. A man died this Sunday after falling down a mountain channel. The events took place around 16:00 in the afternoon and despite the rapid action of the emergency services, nothing could be done to save the victim's life. The injured person was a 66-year-old man.

A 66-year-old man lost his life this Sunday by rushing down a mountain channel in the area of ​​the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Cabrera, in the municipality of L'Esquirol located in the region ofDare. As reported by the bombers from Generalitatthey received notice of theaccident at 4:16 p.m.

Following the events, they activated two rescue helicopters with the Mountain Special Action Group (GRAE) and a medical team from theEmergencies Doctors (WHICH ONE), as well as a land grant from Vic. In this way, the body of bombers from Generalitat reported the event on his social networks.

"Them bombers of the Generalitat access a channel near the Shrine of Our Lady of Cabrera to rescue a person who had fallen there, but nothing could be done to save his life", they tweeted on their Twitter account .

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The rescue will continue today

Shortly after 5:00 p.m., one of the aircraft found personal belongings of the victim near a wooded canal with a steep drop. The helicopter unloaded the troops on board, who located the man and the doctor from the System ofEmergencies Doctors (WHICH ONE) pronounced it dead.

The Mountain Intervention Unit (UIM) of the Mossos d'Esquadra moved there to obtain a certificate ofaccident and operate the rescue of the corpse together with the bombers from Generalitatbut the arrival of the night forced to interrupt the tasks of the aerial means.

That is why the rescue is scheduled to continue early today Monday and, in the meantime, UIM troops will guard the victim's body. Until now, the reasons why the 66-year-old man fell down the mountain channel in the municipality are unknown.

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