A neighbor of Creixell is beaten with a 'maria' plantation in his house

Three hooded men broke into a house in the Rincón del César urbanization in Creixell this Monday morning. The criminals have gagged the man who lives in the house and have beaten him in the face and body. Before leaving they have threatened him.

The Creixell Local Police received a notice shortly before 6 in the morning from the neighbors of the street where the victim resides. The information spoke of three people with balaclavas who jumped the fence and left the place taking advantage of the last minutes of the closed night. There was talk of some visible white weapon and a stick by the aggressors.

The first patrol to arrive was from the Creixell Local Police, which was also waiting for the support of the Mossos d'Esquadra. Upon arriving at the house, they found that the victim had been tied up and he had bruises on the face and body, without too much seriousness.

In the house, the visual inspection has revealed a little less than a hundred marijuana plants that would be in different phases of growth. And precisely this small greenhouse could be the reason for the presence of three men with their faces covered and with the clear intention of giving a warning to the person in charge of this indoor plantation.

The arrival of the Mossos has been shortly before 7 in the morning and they have assumed the investigation. Nothing has been missed in the house except for the victim's wallet, which the assailants have taken.

Although the investigation is open and the victim's complaint remains to be formalized at the Mossos police station, the hypothesis that is gaining strength while waiting for more evidence is that the three assailants would have given a touch to Creixell's neighbor for having his business next to him. margin of the mafias that control this marijuana marketing.

The drug assault in Cabra del Camp

Last Friday, September 30, the Mossos d'Esquadra from different units arrested three people allegedly involved in a drug robbery at a home in Cabra del Camp (Alt Camp). The agents also arrested the two inhabitants of the house for crimes against public health.

Inside the home there were two people who watched as a group of men entered their farm by jumping the exterior wall, they reached the door of the home and began to hit it with a blunt object until they managed to gain access.

One of the assailants, who brandished a shotgun, hit one of the two people inside with the butt. At the same time, the group entered one of the rooms and took an undetermined amount of marijuana that was in the process of drying, prior to its distribution.

Once the Mossos verified the infrastructure of the house, and the existence of marijuana in amounts compatible with drug trafficking, the two people who were at the home were arrested.

Checks were made with the vehicle parked. Remains of marijuana buds, one of the mobile phones of one of the residents in the robbed house and a sledgehammer allegedly used to burst the door were found. For this reason, the three men who were in the van were also arrested.

The investigators work with the hypothesis that the three assailants were accompanied by other people who fled before the arrival of the patrols and took the marijuana.

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