A newborn baby dies after being attacked by a dog: a fatal oversight

Donation in Alenquer (Portugal) for the death of a one-month-old boy attacked by a dog inside his home. A fatal oversight by his mother, who left the door open to go throw out the trash, ended tragically. The dog entered the house and fatally bit the creature.

The Portuguese authorities received the warning of the attack this Tuesday around 15:42. "The boy's parents tried to find help outside the house," the police explained. In the parking lot of a supermarket they found help and practiced first aid.

Despite all efforts, the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) confirmed the death. Doctors also had to attend to the child's parents, who were in a state of shock. The family's two dogs have been impounded and an investigation is underway.

  1. He didn't remember to lock the door
  2. The case, in the hands of the prosecution
  3. A most normal family

He didn't remember to lock the door

The events happened this week in Alenquer, a town near Lisbon. The baby's mother went out to throw out the trash, but she didn't remember to lock the door. The family has a Belgian shepherd dog who is always in the garden, and who entered the house without being seen.

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For reasons that are now under investigation, the dog entered the home and bit the child on the head and face. After a few moments the mother came in and found the baby seriously injured, in a pool of blood. She and the father took the child in their arms and went out to call for help.

They reached the parking lot of a supermarket, where he received assistance while waiting for the arrival of the health services. They did everything they could to save her life, but she eventually died. The events have caused a deep commotion in Alenquer, a municipality of around nine thousand inhabitants.

The case, in the hands of the prosecution

The victim is a one-month-old baby who lived with his parents in the home where the events took place. Portuguese police have opened an investigation and are awaiting the results of the autopsy. They hope to shed some light on this tragic event.

The first measure was to transfer the dog to the municipal kennel, in the face of the fear that it will attack another person again. The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation to clarify the details of the macabre event, they are trying to clarify whether the parents had some kind of responsibility, directly or indirectly.

If the door had been closed, the baby's life would have been saved, so it could be a distraction with fatal consequences. In any case, initially, one is studied as the main hypothesis accident unfortunate as there was no intention on the part of the parents, who are devastated after what happened.

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A most normal family

The local authorities have confirmed that the family was not in the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People, nor were they subject to any follow-up by social and municipal services. There is no complaint, nor is there any known history of neglect or abuse.

The event caused a large deployment of means with six vehicles and ten personnel from the Alenquer fire department. Also from the emergency and resuscitation medical service, where there were medical staff and psychologists. The dog causing the misfortune is in the kennel, on the recommendation of the veterinary authority.

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Belgian shepherd dogs have incredible physical strength and are therefore destined by nature to look after herds and guard and defend, but they also have a developed sense of smell, which they use in tracking jobs. They present an aggressive aspect that has given them a reputation as villains.

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