a truck miscalculates and gets stuck in a street

Firefighters received a call this morning a few minutes after nine in the morning. The incident involved a lorry that had hit a balcony and consequently ripped off the railing of a house. The events took place in Carrer de l'Obra in the Girona capital.

bombers has sent two teams and the municipal architect has also moved to the site of the incident. The bombers they were surprised to see that the railing of a first-floor balcony had become stuck to the rear-view mirror of the truck. According to the tweet published by the bombers: "We cut a crossbar to free her and we cleaned the road".

After a review of the balcony by the architect, he determined that there was no structural damage to the property. It is a single-family house and no one was injured in the act.

Another unprecedented event

Last October 12 the cops they arrested a driver a Girona after crashing into a restaurant, fleeing and refusing to take a breathalyzer test. The man crashed into the glass of the terrace of a place in Fornells de the Jungle and fled to the capital of the Girona. The events took place around two in the morning last Wednesday.

According to police sources, after crashing into the restaurant's terrace and breaking glass and restaurant furniture, the man damaged a vehicle. This was parked in front of the establishment and when he maneuvered to escape, he ran it over. The cops they located him a while later a Gironawhere he refused to submit to a breathalyzer test.

In this way, the police force reported everything that happened through their social networks, where they published a photograph of the completely destroyed restaurant.

"A driver crashes his car against the glass of the terrace of a restaurant and damages a parked vehicle when he maneuvers to flee the scene. We locate it in Girona and we arrest him after he refuses to submit to the alcohol test."

According to the acts, the policemen took him under arrest to police proceedings. He is currently awaiting arraignment.

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