a young man of 29 years, between life and death

A 29-year-old boy is struggling between life and death after a serious accident of traffic to Madrid. The emergency services have had to intervene in one of the most difficult exits they can remember recently. The victim was pierced by an iron bar after the collision.

theaccident took place this Wednesday at the last hour, on the M-603 road of Madrid. It was a few minutes before 8:45 p.m. when a young driver lost control of his vehicle and hit a fence, which dragged him several meters and went through the car and the driver.

The Civil Guard investigate the causes ofaccident which has left this young man in serious condition. In addition, they are analyzing the circumstances that turned this fence into a deadly weapon and whether there could have been any failure in its placement. They continue to pay close attention to the evolution of the injured young man.

  1. Crossed by the iron bar
  2. He continues to fight for his life
  3. Dramatic night in Madrid

Crossed by the iron bar

On Wednesday night, a young man lost control of his vehicle on the M-603 in Madrid and the consequences were terrible. The car hit a fence and was pierced by the iron bar, which also affected the driver, as it went through the chest of the 29-year-old.

The severity of theaccident and features greatly complicated the tasks of the rescue teams. The complication was that the iron bar went through the car and the driver's torso, which made extrication difficult. In the'accident a large number of professionals took part.

He continues to fight for his life

Finally, the firemen managed to evacuate the injured man so that he could be treated by paramedics. Cash of the Samur-Civil Protection they stabilized the young man and intubated him. They fixed the bar, still inside the victim's body, to be able to transfer him to the hospital with guarantees.

The man was taken to hospital with the bar through his chest for doctors to remove. He was quickly evacuated to the Hospital de la Paz de Madridwhere he was successfully operated on to remove the bar. However, the injured remains in a critical situation fighting for his life.

Photo of National Police officers.

| National Police

The police continue to monitor the state of health of the young man while they investigate the causes of theaccident and their circumstances. theaccident mobilized a large number of professionals fromEmergencies. The bombers of the City Council of Madrid repaired the damaged items at the site of theaccident.

Dramatic night in Madrid

The serious accident affected the facilities of the Fuencarral Artillery barracks, in the center of the capital. Civilian and military staff from the barracks intervened in the rescue tasks, which mobilized a large amount of resources. Everyone is now keeping an eye on the state of health of the injured young man.

It's been a busy night Madridas another young man is hospitalized in serious condition. The 21-year-old boy was attacked with machetes, sticks and a screwdriver when he was leaving his job in Coslada. The police are investigating the incident as revenge between Latino gangs.

The young man is serious but out of danger and the police are still looking for the attackers. The victim was heading to the station Suburbs when he was the object of an ambush. The attackers waited for him when he left work and surrounded him to attack him with all kinds of objects.

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