Adela González recognizes that everything is going wrong and that the other is tired of being silent

Adela González knows that things are not going as well as they should. Despite the fact that there is one of the colleagues who is tired of keeping silent, the journalist did not get what she was looking for.

There is no doubt that save me and its night version are not going through the best time. For several months now, these two formats ofThe Tele factory have experienced a considerable audience drop.

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Despite all their attempts to lead the audiovisual market again, today the team of professionals led by Adela González and Jorge Javier Vazquez they have not managed to achieve this goal and proof of this is the last two programs of the Luxurious.

This Friday, October 7, the format had a big surprise in store. And it is that, after months away from the small screen, Anabel Pantoja he had decided to return to his home.

But Pantoja's niece did not succeed in overshadowing her most direct rival, since she only managed to score a 12.4% share.

Now, Adela González and the rest of her colleagues wanted to speak about the terrible results of the last few weeks.

Adela González knows that things are not going well

After knowing the results they pointed to during the last broadcast of the LuxuriousAdela González and the rest of the collaborators of save me they have had no problem with self-criticism.

On Monday, October 10, the team of professionals in this evening format dedicated part of the broadcast to comment on the interview of their colleague Anabel and to analyze the audience data recorded that day.

"Do you think that the interview he gave, where he showed a lot of irony, would have a greater acceptance, a greater interest in what he had to say?" asked Adela González, opening a debate among the panelists.

Belén Esteban and Anabel Pantoja

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After throwing the question, Paracuellos was the first to give his most sincere opinion. "Anabel has always had very good audiences, but I have to be honest, I expected a little more audience".

"I think she came to an interview like when I came the previous weekend with Kiko and we had a horrible hearing. I think that Anabel came and did her phenomenal interview and that's it," he finished.'the village princess'.

For his part, Rafa Mora has assured that the Luxurious of his colleague has not worked because "she was too calm". "She works best when she's Anabel, not when she's Anabel's third cousin."

"She is a combative aunt, an aunt who gets into everything, who is a warrior, natural, transparent... And I saw a very calm Anabel and with everything very measured. It looked like the English Monarchy", said the colleague of Adela González.

Photo of some collaborators of 'Sálvame' on set.

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Gemma López he assured that he had noticed a much more relaxed and more mature Anabel. "She has learned to keep her life outside and has made the decision not to take any more hot flashes with her. And if she's doing well, all the better for her. What do I have more fun with the other Anabel? Yes, but everyone must know how far they want to give and the price they pay for it."

After listening to his colleagues, Laura Fa he pointed out that, from his point of view, the 'Pantojita' "was disappointed with the TV and caused disappointment to the rest" because she is no longer the person we are used to seeing.

"She's an Anabel who seems to have already left this role that we liked and who doesn't seem to want to get it back," said Adela González's colleague.

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