Alba Lago reveals the reason for his dismissal and points out the culprit

The country managed to speak exclusively with Alba Lago last August. She is one of the most famous presenters ofTelecinco news The 37-year-old boxer also made statements at a boxing club in Chamberí.

He has been working for 1 year and a half telecinc and the fame of Alba Lago has grown enormously. The interview took place just one day before the measures to save energy came into force in Spain.

  1. Alba Llac practices boxing as 'mindfulness'
  2. Her rough beginnings and why she was kicked out

Alba Llac practices boxing as 'mindfulness'

Boxing entered his life as a kind of relaxation therapy. And it is that, for Alba Lago, the punching bag becomes a victim of his anger. Moreover, as she herself said, it was the only activity that allowed her to fully concentrate.

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According to her, her head is "like a centrifuge". He only seems to rest when he sleeps, and sometimes not even that, Alba Lago said.

As for boxing, he was also asked about the beatings he had received in his life. He said that yes he had received many but that he had always learned from all of them.

And it is that in his beginning on television, as he confessed, he had a pretty bad time. Despite finally having professional stability, personally, his life seemed to him to be "hell".

But no matter how broken or hurt she was, she said she always got up with a smile. In addition, he claimed that for ordinary people, optimists annoy and generate rejection.

Alba Lago, who has been on television for 19 years, confessed to the reporter that her work began as a writer. While she was working in a clothing store, the dean of her course suggested she take a test and she was selected to make content for Galician television.

Her rough beginnings and why she was kicked out

So, then it was in a couple of other newspapers, among them Mark, decided to live in London. In 2011, during her stay in the United Kingdom, she was called to work as a news editor for telecinc. Alba Lago was barely 25 years old.

And from a very young age, at 22, Alba had to leave her hometown, Vigo. And her future as a journalist and editor was a Madriddespite the fact that it was a place from which he would greatly miss the sea of ​​his land.

Regarding her goals, the journalist stated that she had not considered any for a long time. His intention was to live day to day, both at work and in boxing.

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Alba also talked about her experience at the casting of I know what you did . At only 21 years old, she was selected as one of the finalists with Pedroche and Salomé Jiménez. And it's that Alba at that age was very different, even getting to go out with irons on the screen.

And for the journalist, the image on television is very important. For her, the image "must be consistent with the quality of the content being broadcast". Alba says she is also in favor of discretion, both in her work and in her daily life.

A funny thing about one of her TV jobs was her firing because of her image. Alba cut her hair very short, "like a boy". Because of this, they decided to fire her from one of her previous jobs.

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"I would never have imagined that a haircut could have such an impact. Many years ago I cut them very short, like a boy. And two months later, I went to the street", he finally confessed.

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