Albert Rivera leaves Malú stunned when he explains that the love has only lasted two years

It's been months Albert Rivera i the little one are at the center of rumors, everything seems to indicate that they have broken up or that, at the very least, their relationship has cooled. A possible breakup that would add to the one that a friend and ex-partner is now experiencing.

Apparently, Begoña Villacís, vice mayor of Madrid and spokesperson for Citizens in the city hall of the capital, he has separated from the couple. He has put an end to his relationship with the journalist Rubén Amón, known for his work in Public Mirror.

Photo by Begoña Villacís and Rubén Amón

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  1. Albert Rivera already knows about the separation from Begoña Villacís
  2. Albert Rivera, surprised by the unexpected ending

Albert Rivera already knows about the separation from Begoña Villacís

Albert Rivera and his partner are not going through a good emotional situation, as has been speculated for months. However, worse than them is Villacís than, according to the medium Vozpopulihas broken up with her boyfriend, Amón.

According to sources from the Madrid council, Begoña and her boyfriend would have decided to go their separate ways about a month ago, in this way, they have chosen to definitively end their love story after two years together. At the moment it is not known what caused this breakup, although it is speculated that it could have been caused by the busy schedules of both.

Photo by Begoña Villacís

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Villacís is one of the key figures of Citizens in Madrid and he works for various media, so they don't have much time to enjoy a full relationship, even though they were living together. We will have to wait to find out more data, what is clear is that the rumors of a crisis already started in the summer. They appeared when she was photographed on vacation with her daughters, the result of her previous marriage to Antonio Suárez-Valdés, and her boyfriend did not accompany them.

Images after which Beatriz Cortázar came to affirm the radio program It's Federico's morning that "there are rumors. I hear rumors that the love story between Begoña and Rubén is a little lame lately."

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Albert Rivera, surprised by the unexpected ending

The ex-politician must have been perplexed to learn of the separation from his ex-partner, because, just as the little onehe was aware that she was betting a lot on this relationship. A relationship that was made public only a month after Begoña signed the divorce from the father of her children. The separation took everyone by surprise, as they had only recently become parents for the third time.

Montage of Malú with Albert Rivera

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The truth is that very soon the rumors started that talked about problems, to the point that he did not hesitate to deny them publicly. He did this by acknowledging that they were happy, well and living together.

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