Alejandra Rubio's trick to have bigger eyes

Lately, everyone is talking Alejandra Rubiothe daughter of Terelu Campos. After the closing of live the lifethe 22-year-old has returned to the small screen with shows like Now The temptations debate. In addition, she has secured a job as a writer for theABC.

"I usually pass, but when I'm working hard to do it well, it bothers me that they judge without even reading it," he said about the criticism of his new job. It has also drawn attention to how incredibly beautiful she looks. From her first appearance on television until now... She doesn't look the same!

In part, the face has been stylized, made normal after the stage of adolescence has already ended. In addition, she has a very well-groomed complexion, probably due to a good facial cleansing.

However, there is something that has caught our attention much more: his gaze. Alejandra's eyes look bigger, brighter and more striking than ever. A Catalonia Daily we know how to imitate them.

  1. The most important thing: the lines of the eye
  2. Tips before you start

The most important thing: the lines of the eye

We've already seen many celebrities lengthen their look with the classic black eyeliner in its multiple alternatives. On the other hand, to achieve a greater optical illusion in which the gaze is enlarged, we will need a black and a white pencil. Both, of course, with a very fine tip.

Alejandra Rubio on the set of 'L'illa de les temptations'


First of all, after a good 'skincare' (or cleaning and facial care), it is important to use a good primer, preferably one that is specific for the eye area. For less than €6 you can get a good brand.

Then, we will use the white pencil and draw, as close as possible to the eye (without touching it), the lacrimal area. We will expand it a little outward, with a very fine tip brush, until we reach the intermediate area between the nasal septum and the lacrimal.

Later, we will take the color black and make up the water line (the upper part of the eye). It is essential that it is a dark shade such as brown or black. This will serve to lift the gaze and obtain more almond-shaped eyes, in the style ofAlejandra Rubio.

If we want a slightly more prominent look, we will use two different shades of shadow. First, make up the upper eyelid with a light beige 'nude'. Then, give a triangular finish to the eye with a brown shade on the outer corner of the lid.

Tips before you start

For us, the most important thing is facial care. Just wash your face twice a day and apply cream and serum, depending on your skin type. We also recommend that you dry your face with tissues and, preferably, with a microfiber or silk towel. In addition, exfoliation and masks of vitamins (never the ones that tear your skin) can provide you with the necessary nutrients for your skin. This, at least once a week.

Alejandra Rubio

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Check that, if your make-up is made of water, the primer and correctors have the same main ingredient. Never mix water base with oil concealer, or vice versa! We all know that oil and water form a heterogeneous mixture, therefore, the face would be completely uneven.

We recommend that the first thing you do is your eyes. That's because when we paint our cheeks, we tend to smudge our cheeks and nose with little scraps that fall from our makeup brushes. It is essential to clean your makeup brushes every time you use them. We suggest you do it with warm water and mild soap.

Finally, never forget to finish with a good mascara. This will make you look even more amazing! Do you dare to try it?

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