Alessandro Lequio confirms the news of the new son and begs for a second chance

Alessandro Lequio he is a television contributor who is characterized by not saying anything when he has to give an opinion on a specific subject, especially on the celebrities of our country. He has been working as a talk show host for many years, especially in a space that has given him all the confidence possible, as it is The Ana Rosa program.

In recent days, Alessandro Lequio has seen that José Ortega Cano they have slammed him mercilessly after the surreal interview he gave a few days ago. Exactly, when he sat on a set the day that Ana Rosa Quintana was returning to television after being treated for 11 months for breast cancer.

  1. Alessandro Lequio defends the indefensible after humiliation
  2. "The cry of a man who refuses to turn the last page of his life"
  3. Ortega Cano bows his head hours later

Alessandro Lequio defends the indefensible after humiliation

Social networks were a hive of criticism against the Andalusian bullfighter and 'memes' and mockery were the order of the day. They showed no mercy after he uttered a line that will undoubtedly go down in television history.

Image of Alessandro Lequio excited in 'El Programa de Ana Rosa'

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"My semen is still strong, let's go find the girl", he let go Ortega Cano to his wife as he stared at the camera to the astonishment ofAna Rosa Quintana.

Despite the many criticisms he has received, some television contributors have tried to remove his face for him. For example, it has been supported in part by Beatriz Cortázar or the same Alessandro Lequio.

Lequio has dedicated a post toInstagram and has been benevolent with the widower of Rocío Jurado. "I saw him completely overwhelmed by the circumstances, in fact, he was unable to read a paper. And that's why you can't claim the lack of success in the improvised words. The words were not unpleasant, they were surreal, no one can feel offended", he stated on his social networks.

"The cry of a man who refuses to turn the last page of his life"

In addition, Lequio explains that what Ortega did "was the cry of a man who refuses to turn the last page of his life. We are talking about a man with very humble origins. As a child, he could not go to school, and he has had a very hard life that has left him from place to place", he writes.

José Ortega Cano


"He has suffered the death of his wife and the resulting problems, starting with alcoholism, the tragic one accident and the passage through the prison. If all this doesn't provoke a minimum of compassion, it means that you don't have a heart", concluded his 'speech'.

Thus, Lequio wanted to extract value from the bullfighter's words as he has done Ana Rosa Quintana in full live. They did not want to draw blood about this and point out that Ortega was very nervous during the whole talk, which the protagonist himself acknowledged hours later.

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Ortega Cano bows his head hours later

The truth is that other collaborators who have read this phrase from Ortega understand that Ana María feels terrible about it. one of the colleagues ofAna Rosa's program who works with Lequio, Joaquín Prathe wondered this Tuesday "how Aldón had put up with Ortega for so many years".

Photo of Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón

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Of course, the day after it was news, Ortega Cano intoned the my fault. And he apologized in front of the cameras that recorded him in front of his house. The truth is that the husband ofAna Maria Aldón he was very embarrassed.

"I'm not a person to say this kind of thing and I was nervous. But I said it in no bad faith and I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I didn't mean it, the fact, the fact is, but I apologize", he confessed.

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