Alessandro Lequio, very worried after Ana Obregón's request to her dead son

Alessandro Lequio experiences moments of extreme concern after the last alarming message from his ex, Ana Obregón. It is more than obvious that the actress is not having a good time. And the fact is that, in barely a year, he has dismissed his mother, his father and his son, and despite the fact that they are all looking forward to it, he cannot hide his sadness.

More than once, Obregón has released disturbing messages on his social networks, but the latter has set off all the alarms, including those of his ex, Alessandro Lequio.

He was always by Ana's side during her son's illness. Although they were already separated, the two have maintained a great relationship during the illness, and Alessandro has become a great support for Ana.

Now, Obregón has once again used social networks to share the duel, but the message he sent is raising eyebrows.

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Ana Obregón's worrying message on social networks

And the actress reveals, with some images, that the pain "has no words" and that nostalgia prevents her from "being able to return". But in addition, he accompanies it with an alarming phrase.

"Mother, father, son... would you make me a place to sail with you in this ocean of eternity?", asked the biologist. Undoubtedly, Ana is going through a very complicated time. He doesn't find the supports he needs, and the loss of his three favorite people has plunged him into the sadness of memories.

Image of Ana Obregón at her father's funeral


Alessandro Lequio he will have to be close to Ana for him to go back. Although it is true that they have been separated for almost 30 years, their relationship has been good throughout this time and both have supported each other after the death of their son.

Life is very capricious, and when it seemed that the actress had everything, she lost her parents and son in a very short time. her ex, Alessandro Lequiohe tries to worry about it and, despite not going to his father's funeral, he has become a fundamental support for Obregón.

The latest images that Obregón has shared, along with the tough message, are another example of the climb that is being made to overcome these losses. Ana Obregón she was a happy woman and now she seems to be going through her worst moment.

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