Álvaro dies, the 9-month-old baby injured in the incident where his brother Darío died

Bad news arrives from La Paz Hospital, where the injured baby was admitted fire in Alcorcón. Álvaro, nine months old, died this Monday in the pediatric emergency ICU. He has not been able to overcome the injuries he suffered in the same incident where his 5-year-old brother Darío died.

With the death of little Álvaro, the death toll in the explosion that took place last Thursday afternoon rises to two. The mother of the two children, Beatriz, also had to be admitted in a serious condition and is still recovering from her injuries in the Getafe Hospital's Major Burns Unit.

This is the sad outcome of the dramatic event that took place last week in a building in Alcorcón (Madrid). An accidental explosion in a commercial premises caused a fire which quickly reached the upper dwellings. The worst part was taken away by this family originally fromExtremadura.

  1. The origin of the explosion
  2. A mother and her two children
  3. It could have been even worse

The origin of the explosion

Beatriz, Álvaro (9 months) and Darío (5 years) were surprised by thefire when they were on the landing. The flames and thick black smoke engulfed the mother and the two children. Jaime, the father, was outside the building and when he arrived he saw in horror how the flames devoured the block. Jaime and Beatriz arrived in Alcorcón eleven months ago with their son Darío and with Álvaro about to be born. All his future plans were cut short by the tragedy that took place last Thursday.

Authorities continue to investigate the origin of the explosion that caused thefire deadly Everything seems to indicate that a flammable liquid was spilled on the floor and a spark from a radial caused the deflagration. The fire quickly reached Porexpan, which caused thick black smoke to rise through the homes. The first victims were the mother and her two children.

Photo of a fire in a building in Alcorcón

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A mother and her two children

Seconds The casethe father ignored the recommendations of the neighbors, who assured that the most prudent thing was to stay locked up. He went outside to see what was going on and then the explosions were heard. The mother remained protecting her two children trapped on the landing with her body.

The quick action of the health services managed to avoid a greater misfortune. Upon arrival, they attended to the mother and her two children, but they could do nothing to save Darío's life. The 5-year-old died trapped by the smoke and flames while the mother and brother fought for their lives. The paramedics managed to save Álvaro, who was admitted to the pediatric emergency ICU at La Paz Hospital with a serious prognosis. After four days of fighting, doctors have confirmed his death. Beatriz was admitted to the Getafe Hospital and is stable within the gravity.

It could have been even worse

The flames devoured a block of officially protected housing that houses 28 families. The tragedy could have been much worse, as medical services treated several residents with symptoms of mild intoxication. Most were discharged there and others were admitted to various hospital centers.

The firefighters recalled that in the face of this type of event, the most prudent thing to do is to stay inside the apartment with the doors and windows closed. Most of the residents treated had left their homes and were surprised by the smoke. Fortunately, no more casualties need be mourned.

Many residents were evacuated from their homes and were able to return the next morning, but some homes were affected by smoke. The authorities are investigating whether the poor construction of the building could have favored the rapid spread of the flames in it accident deadly

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