Amador Mohedano admits that it is wrong because she does not want to have relations with him

Amador Mohedano is one of those media relatives of Rocío Carrasco who has been beaten more by the daughter of The biggest. Everything has been since she decided to break her silence. He wanted to tell the harshest reality about all of them and he didn't go wrong.

Amador Mohedano has been in the news in recent days, as he would be thinking of filing a joint lawsuit against Rocío Carrasco for certain accusations. However, beyond this matter, Amador was surprised to see how Rociíto's stepfather returned to the television sets this Monday.

Jose Ortega Cano he has been another victim of Rociíto's anger and, after a long time without doing an interview, he has shown his face again. He has done it, in his own way, on the way back fromAna Rosa Quintana in his program, after overcoming breast cancer.

  1. Amador Mohedano knows that the bullfighter is still in love
  2. Amador Mohedano does not hide that his friend will be left alone
  3. "My semen is strong, let's go find the girl"

Amador Mohedano knows that the bullfighter is still in love

Ortega was the big television attraction of this expected return of the Madrid communicator, who wanted to do the 'do de pit' with the presence of her husbandAna Maria Aldón. The fact is that the bullfighter did not leave anyone indifferent when he assured that he is still in love with Aldón, although she no longer wants to know anything more.

Amador Mohedano and Ortega Cano team up against Rocío Carrasco


Amador Mohedano has contemplated how his relative has everything to lose in this marital crisis that seems to have no solution due to the confession of the Andalusian bullfighter. Ortega has not wanted to hide that his wife no longer sees the same man she fell in love with ten years ago. As if that wasn't enough, he confirmed Ana María's speech when he said that they barely talk to each other. So it becomes very complicated for him to return to the life he led with the mother of his child.

Amador Mohedano does not hide that his friend will be left alone

What is clear to him is that he is very proud to have had his son with Ana Maria Aldón. This has praised the minor and has affirmed that he is "a very good boy, an excellent student" and that if there is something that unites the marriage at the moment it is the child they have in common.

In addition, the bullfighter has been questioned by Ana Rosa for a fact that significantly affected his wife's morale: the bullfighter's statements in which he claimed that Rocío Jurado has been the woman of his life. "If I mentioned Rocío Jurado, it was because I am a person and I have lived with her. I love Ana María very much, but each one has its plot». About his current status with the designer, he explained the following. "I don't know either, she doesn't communicate with me, we don't talk much," he admitted.

"My semen is strong, let's go find the girl"

In a final plea to ask his wife that everything can go back to the way it was before, which is almost a utopia, Ortega said the following. "I would do anything for us to continue as a couple, leading a normal life, her with her work and me with mine. I don't feel right if it's not like that. It depends on both of them", he softened.

In addition, the interview could not end other than with a surreal moment of the bullfighter. He got up and asked Aldón the following to try to fix the crisis. "My semen is strong, let's go find the girl", he said. The allegation has gone viral and has been heavily criticized on social media.

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