Amposta creates an educational project on energy sustainability

The Amposta City Council, through the Department of Education, and in collaboration with the Tataküa association, has launched an environmental education project on energy sustainability for the local schools. This initiative is related to the commitment of the municipal government to promote and promote development and energy saving.

The initiative, called 'Itinerario de la luz', wants to raise awareness and sensitize boys and girls on this subject and train them. Thus, it consists of didactic boxes with various objects that allow creativity to work, but also the values ​​of sustainability and energy saving.

The project will be carried out in the middle and upper cycles of primary education schools, and also in the El Ángel Special Education Center. This initiative will be divided into three phases that will be worked on in the classrooms. In the first place, there will be a part that will be contextualization and will allow learning different concepts such as carbon footprint, sustainability or energy transition. Next, there will be two more sentences in which the creation of a slogan and a motto for the school will be worked on and which will be decided through a participatory process. Later, the motto can be read on one of the LED streetlights near the educational center.

"In this way, students will be able to discover what is missing in Amposta to continue advancing as a sustainable city through a series of challenges that will conclude with the creation of a motto that will be aligned with energy sustainability in Amposta", explains the Councilor for Education, Núria Marco, adding that "we join the initiatives that the centers already have under way in this regard and we propose a new challenge".

Along the same lines, Adam Tomàs, Mayor of Amposta points out that “in order to achieve energy sustainability we need to change the model of production and consumption. As an administration we have an important role, and we must involve society, in this case the boys and girls, who will be able to transfer everything they have learned to their homes and obviously grow up receiving training that allows them to understand the world in a different way than the world ».

Lighting renovation

This educational activity is part of the purpose of the town hall to improve the efficiency and management of lighting by generating energy savings, an initiative in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. These actions also include the public lighting renovation project from the city.

The council has been working for a few years to achieve this goal. In July 2016, it presented a project of more than 3.3 million euros to renew public lighting throughout the city, an initiative to ensure that Amposta reduced its energy consumption by 70%.

In 2019, a European grant of 1,250,000 euros was allocated to continue carrying out the project. This has made it possible to change 4,500 streetlights to LEDs, change more than 80 km of wiring, bury power lines and reduce electrical panels and, therefore, the fixed fees paid to supply companies.

Currently, the project is in its final phase and is being worked on crosswise from different areas of the local council.

The initiative works on energy development through a series of challenges

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