Ana María Aldón already knows who is now accompanying her husband to the hospital

Ana María Aldón has been living an independent life for weeks. She steps on the family home and her dealings with her husband are very limited. In fact, the right-hander had to go to the hospital a few days ago, and he did it without her.

The only thing that unites them at the moment is the son they have in common. They assure that if the minor was not found in the middle, it is most likely that they would have been separated for some time. In any case, the relationship between them goes through a rather turbulent stage.

Ana María could not be with the bullfighter during the recent visit to a medical center. For him, his company would have been an important injection of encouragement. He has gone through some very hard days after being embroiled in a controversy for the comments made by his friend Patricia Donoso.

It hinted at save me that between them there was something more than a friendship when Ortega Cano was already with the designer. He tried to deny it in every possible way and even sent out a statement announcing legal action against her.

Ana Maria Aldón

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Despite the absence of his wife, the right-hander was not alone and was able to feel warm thanks to his family. He went to the hospital with his daughter Gloria Camila, her boyfriend, and his sister Mari Carmen, as well as his brother-in-law Aniceto. He still continues to have people who take care of him and give him their attention.

No one wanted to clarify the reasons for this visit. It could have been a scheduled appointment or an emergency.

In any case, at the exit he could be seen very discouraged and with serious problems getting into the vehicle. His daughter was very affectionate with him, aware of his delicate condition.

Ana María Aldón was not in Madrid on the 18th, when the bullfighter had to go to the doctor. Apparently, he had a good reason for being absent. He had traveled to Cadiz to celebrate his mother's birthday.

The collaborator of Mediaset he had to change his plans at the last minute. Antonio Rossi pointed out a Ana Rosa's program that he planned to extend his stay in the south for a few more days. He wanted to take advantage of the time to be with his relatives.

However, due to the state of her husband's health she decided to advance the trip. When he returned to the capital he hinted that he was aware of what had happened to Ortega Cano. "I didn't say that they didn't call me", he said to the press.

Photo of Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón

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The situation is increasingly tense within this family. The designer does not believe in a possible reconciliation. Especially if the husband lets himself be conditioned by Gloria Camila's messages.

Ana María Aldón breathes more relieved

Ana María is very concerned about the situation of her still-husband. Although they lead independent lives, he is very concerned about their health, thinking above all about the well-being of his son.

The day after passing through the hospital, the right-hander left home in the company of his sister and brother-in-law. They went to a seafood restaurant, where they met the daughter. Upon arriving at the premises, he took it upon himself to clarify that "I feel fantastic".

José Fernando's father keeps many fronts open. In addition to the problems with his wife, he also receives attacks from Rociíto and his alleged friend Patricia Donoso. All this is taking its toll on his condition.

Ana María Aldón does not overlook the fact that she has already undergone heart surgery and has two coronary stents. Therefore, he must avoid as much as possible the unpleasantness.

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