Ana María Aldón makes a decision that can dynamite her marriage forever

A few days ago Ana Maria Aldón it's totally in the media spotlight. From Rociíto's statements in his docuseries about Ortega Cano and the rumors of separation, the news about the designer never ceases to impact us.

Last weekend, Ana Maria Aldón explained that Ortega Cano and she do not live as a couple. However, he confessed that they continued to live together with their son. Also, there seems to be respect and affection between them, despite having spent the summer living apart.

Photo of Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón

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And the couple is still trying to make plans with their son. Although everyone has their own affairs, according to the collaborator of the new program ofEmma Garcia. "Good morning, good night, I'm going to run an errand... there are four of us at home, we eat lunch and dinner together."

In short, it seems that the couple was increasingly distant. Instead, recent events seemed to point toward a possible reconciliation.

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  1. Ana María, angry at the "shameful" statements
  2. Ortega Cano is still in love with Ana María

Ana María, angry at the "shameful" statements

This Monday Ortega Cano declared his love to Ana Maria Aldón a Ana Rosa's program. The bullfighter's message to his wife provoked the laughter of the collaborators of the morning space.

"My semen is of good quality. Let's go find the girl!" It was José's surreal declaration of love to Ana Maria Aldón.

These statements have caused multiple criticisms against Ortega Cano. Rocío Carrasco he confessed in the ninth chapter of his docuseries that they were "embarrassing". In addition, Rociíto revealed that the husband ofAna Maria Aldón has an obsession with manhood.

Rocío Carrasco and Ortega Cano

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In the other hand, Bethlehem Stephen confessed to save me something similar "If I was Ana Maria Aldón I would put his suitcases on the street", expressed the collaborator. Rosa Benitofor his part, he also affirmed that the bullfighter "is not well".

In addition, the husband ofAna Maria Aldón yesterday he confessed to Ana Rosa the point at which his relationship is. The bullfighter claimed that he had not consulted a lawyer and that he had not even thought about separation. And he added that, despite not communicating with each other, he is still completely in love with the designer.

Ortega Cano is still in love with Ana María

"I would give anything for us to continue together as a couple, leading a normal life, her with her job and me with mine. I don't feel good if it's not like that». It thus seemed that a possible reconciliation between the two could take place.

Apparently, Ana Maria Aldón reacted live to these statements. According to several sources, Ana María was crying, feeling angry and at the same time indignant at the words of her son's father. And it seems that the confessions ofOrtega Cano they have been nonsense to her.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems Ana Maria Aldón she doesn't plan to go back with him. In addition, she is determined to start a new life stage without the bullfighter.

Photo of Ana María Aldón in the program 'Festa'

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Instead, what happened Tuesday morning drew a lot of attention. And it is that Ana María and her husband appeared together in front of the cameras. Both appeared without their son, who has been the couple's only bond for several months.

Specifically, Ana María and the bullfighter were at a gas station inflating the car's tires. The attitude ofOrtega Cano. And while his wife couldn't inflate the tires properly, he stayed in the car until he saw that she was asking for help.

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