Ana María Aldón's daughter reveals who her father is and ends the suffering

Ana Maria Aldón she has ceased to be José's wife Ortega Canonow it is an independent face that has value without help from anyone. His life is very interesting, which is why his detractors try to look for secrets that could cause repercussions. The last person to talk about the designer was Amor Romeira, one of her best friends Gloria Camila.

Ana Maria Aldón she had a stable emotional relationship before meeting the bullfighter and had a daughter, Gema Aldón, who is also well-known. The girl has sat on several television sets and admitted that she wants her mother to sign the divorce as soon as possible. Amor has attacked her, claiming that she is an "older brother" girl and that she has a secret father.

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Ana María has won the public's affection because she has never hidden anything, which is why viewers know who she became pregnant with. "Inform yourself before you speak because I know perfectly well who my father is", said Gema to the Canary. This is where it all started and social media has witnessed a rather delicate exchange of insults.

Ana María does not tolerate disrespect, but she understands that her daughter is hurt because she is being talked about a lot lately. The ex-contestant of big brother has accused him of attracting attention to get a job a telecincdefense that wants to participate in the next edition of survivorsthat's why it's making so much noise.

Aldón knows that Gema has called her friend a clown Gloria Camila and he may have condemned this gesture in private, but he has always made it clear that they are a close family, so in front of the viewers he will not let go of any rebuke. He understands that the young woman has reached the limit, since she is not used to the public talking about her.

  1. Ana María Aldón wants to get to the end
  2. Ana María Aldón continues to trust her husband

Ana María Aldón wants to get to the end

Ana María is convinced: she wants to sign the divorce papers, but she will do it when she feels ready, not when the public wants it. In the meantime, he will continue to live in the family home, although he is already looking for a new home. It is important for her to have a good job, as she does not want her son to change his rhythm of life.

Aldón is tired of continuing to hold on, but has made it clear that her problems with Ortega Cano there is nothing dark or secret about them. She just doesn't feel valued as she believes her husband should have put her before the family. He believes that the brothers of the bullfighter have crossed many limits and that he should have stopped them.

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Aldón is also worried about Gema, as she has become a public figure and now has to offer complicated explanations. The girl has braved herself and confirmed that she knows perfectly well who made her mother pregnant, although she did not go into details and did not clarify whether she is related to the father.

Ana María Aldón continues to trust her husband

Anna Maria knows that Ortega Cano he has made many mistakes, but he does not allow accusations to be made that are not true. Now Patricia Donoso has come on the scene, a lawyer who promises to have been the bullfighter's lover, but it's false. Many journalists, such as Beatriz Cortázar or Paloma Barrientos, have assured that everything is an invention.

Ana María Aldón in profile crying on a television set.

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Aldón has gone on his program to make it clear that he will believe Ortega until he has sufficient evidence to the contrary. For now he wants to stay away and listen to Patricia's testimony, who says she can prove her side. You have to wait, but the collaborator knows what she wants: to start a new life.

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