Ana Obregón clarifies what her true state of health is

In recent years, the life ofAna Obregón has made a 180 degree turn. And it is that in 2020 his son Alex Lequio he was dying from a cancer he had been suffering from for two years. From then on, the biologist was unable to recover and, in fact, on numerous occasions she came to confess that "it's so hard for her to live".

Undoubtedly, it's a tough time for the presenter. It must be remembered that, shortly after her son lost her life, the model's mother also died due to her delicate state of health. And, recently, also his father.

Despite the bad times he had to live, Ana Obregón he has been able to see the bright side of things. It is a good proof when he decided to inaugurate the Aless Lequio Foundation with the aim of research against cancer. Likewise, Ana Obregón she has always been very overturned in everything that refers to the battle against this very tough disease.

Precisely for this reason, Ana Obregón has not hesitated to support the presenter ofAna Rosa's program in his return to television.

Close-up of Ana Obregón half-smiling at a 'photocall'


  1. Ana Obregón's support for the presenter
  2. The new illusion of Ana Obregón

Ana Obregón's support for the presenter

Whenever the occasion arises, Ana Obregón dedicates them Alex Lequio public displays of affection. "Here I am still without you, love of my life, adding months to your ABSENCE. With a pain that over time increases with an unbearable intensity and a mother's love that over time multiplies by infinity", said the biologist a few weeks ago.

Everything reminds the actress of her beloved son. For this same reason, the ex-partner ofAlessandro Lequio he couldn't help but remember the young man just watching 'La reina dels matins' on TV. And the fact is that both are very close, as they have a friendship that goes back years.

So it was not strange that Ana Obregón has been very dependent on the state of the journalist's health and, obviously, on her return to Ana Rosa's program. So, he wanted to send her a very emotional message through social networks.

"Welcome, Ana Rosa. Courage, dignity, professionalism, humanity. Shit cancer", could be read in the text in question.

In another publication a Instagram, Ana Obregón he praised the role played by the Madrid player during the interview he gave to Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, the leader of the People's Party. "Wonderful interview, congratulations. The only politician who makes a real x-ray of Spain without insulting", he revealed.

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In fact, it is not the first time that Ana Obregón he publicly shows his sympathy for this political party. He has also applauded other well-known faces, among them, Isabel Díaz Ayusothe president of the Community of Madrid.

He has even also sometimes harshly criticized other politicians, such as Pedro Sanchez. The last time he did it was on the occasion of a photo that was leaked posing in front of the fires ofExtremadura of this summer

"Undoubtedly, Sánchez has stolen my pose of the summer. Good posture, eyes half-open, arm crossed (the stylist neglected the pocket). Good photo posing in front of a country that is leaving in ashes", he wrote Ana Obregón on that occasion.

Close-up of Ana Obregón smiling


The new illusion of Ana Obregón

Of course, Ana Obregón she is extremely committed to the fight against cancer. And he even decided a few months ago to resume a project that his son Álex started before he died. It is a novel in which the experiences of a patient with this disease are explained in the first person.

"I've been locked up for four months writing this book, which is the most beautiful and cruel love story of a mother and her son. Where the heart of my novel will be the gem you wrote and couldn't finish", he said at the time.

The work in question will be titled The Boy of the Shrews and all profits will go to cancer research.

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