Ana Rosa Quintana collapses when reading the doctor's message about her health

Ana Rosa Quintana returned stronger than ever to the set of telecinc after being out of action for over eleven months. Cancer forced Ana Rosa Quintana to pull herself together and focus on what's important, recovering from breast cancer that shocked her so much that she feared the worst.

Without a doubt, the journalist's return was truly emotional and her colleagues welcomed her in a day she will hardly forget.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz


  1. Ana Rosa returns with controversy after eleven months missing
  2. The devastating criticism that sinks it completely
  3. A nursing assistant leaves the Telecinco presenter shaking

Ana Rosa returns with controversy after eleven months missing

The presenter's return to her workplace was not without controversy. Madrid started its first program after the expected return as it used to do every morning.

Ana Rosa gave her speech at the start of the program and especially influenced this first editorial in the criticism of the Government of Spain; there was no shortage of ironies about the extraordinary games for a healthcare. This has upset many professionals who sacrifice their skin every day to have one healthcare better

"I will not deny that it is not a miracle to hear the announcement of a law that will evict squatters in 48 hours, bearing in mind that, according to part of the Government, this phenomenon does not exist. 100 euros per month for raising children, free train travel, extraordinary departures for healthcarescience, dependency, scholarships or housing", he ironically joked live.

The devastating criticism that sinks it completely

They did not like these words of Ana Rosa at all on a day when everyone expected her to focus on a positive speech and with the absence of reproaches. However, it had been a long time since Ana could do what she likes most and it was nothing but standing in front of the cameras.

Ana Rosa Quintana's photo

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Among the reactions that came through the networks about these harsh criticisms of Ana Rosa, a very severe opinion against her has come to light, a point of view shared through Facebook. We are talking about a WhatsApp that a follower has sent to the phone ofAna Rosa's programas seen in the publication we accessed.

A nursing assistant leaves the Telecinco presenter shaking

"Dear Ana Rosa. I am a nursing assistant and senior technician in radiotherapy. I am extremely happy to see you so recovered", the post began. "Yesterday I was able to see you live and I must say that I felt very proud of our National Service Health. I remind you that thanks to the extraordinary games, many of my colleagues have been able to exercise their profession, from which you have benefited positively", he continued.

Photo of Ana Terradillos and Ana Rosa Quintana

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The anger of this nursing professional was increasing, "I find it outrageous, allow me to tell you, that you allow yourself to throw down all our efforts. That you say in your presentation that you see unnecessary extraordinary items for a healthcare. [...] They may be procedures you can afford, but many cannot. I wish you good health. Sincerely, a kiss, Teresa", said this message that has gone viral in the last few hours.

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Finally, the hardest part came against the Madrid communicator. "This was not a miracle of yours, they say healthcare public It is called teamwork of these professionals that you have belittled and insulted", ended the message received by WhatsAppAna Rosa's program.

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