Ana Rosa Quintana confesses that she has to leave again because of a doctor's note

Ana Rosa Quintana he lived this Monday, October 10, as one of the happiest after spending a year away from television. All because of the cancer he was diagnosed with in November 2021.

Ana Rosa Quintana she was plethoric on the set and at the same time very excited after verifying that the treatment she has undergone during these months has been effective. A treatment that allowed him to return as soon as he had enough strength to stand in front of a camera. And he's back to do what he loves best: presenting Ana Rosa's program.

  1. Ana Rosa Quintana returns home excited
  2. "If they let me join it was with the commitment that I will take care of myself"
  3. The presenter gives the worst news about her work on the show

Ana Rosa Quintana returns home excited

Ana Rosa's first words were that she considers herself "lucky" to be able to return to the set that she has missed so much during this time. "It's like you're being taken out of life," she said in her initial speech, where she was seen excited, greeting her colleagues. He also spoke at an open press conference after the end of the morning slot.

Therefore, Ana Rosa Quintana has confessed that this process of chemotherapy that he had to go through to recover from the disease has not been easy. "When you're on chemo, you have to be careful with your defenses, your life is limited to being very well so you don't run out," he observed.

Joaquín Prat and Ana Rosa Quintana


"If they let me join it was with the commitment that I will take care of myself"

And it is that Ana Rosa has been aware of the problem that came to her almost a year ago but has taken it with great dignity, as she revealed to the audience this Monday morning. "You have an obsession with not wanting to miss a session in order to finish as soon as possible. The doctors and nurses have been wonderful, I've been very lucky", said Ana Rosa.

Of course, the company of Joaquín Prat and Patricia Pardo has been clear about the fact that the disease has not yet been overcome and she still has a long way to go. "My life has to change and I can't have the rhythm I had before. If my doctors have let me join it has been with the commitment that I will take care of myself. That when the program ends, which is intense, I won't do anything else, I'll rest as much as I can, I won't have stress or upsets».

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The presenter gives the worst news about her work on the show

Ana Rosa Quintana she knows that she must strictly follow medical advice, and she herself has announced a decision about her continuation in the program, in the short term. "I'm going to do something, I'm saying it because they asked me to. You have to start little by little and I don't come on Fridays. They asked me to shorten the week and go little by little," he revealed.

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"It's a lot of program and I didn't remember it", he explained. "It's like when you start training, you have crunches at first. And I have mental crunches", explained the presenter in a relaxed manner.

So on Fridays, Ana Rosa's program it will be conducted by its usual presenters, who have replaced the madrilenya during its treatment. Patricia Pardo and Joaquín Prat will be taking over the Unicorn Content space every Friday, at least for now.

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