Ana Rosa Quintana confirms that they have broken up and sends him, in pain, a forceful message

Ana Rosa Quintana has returned stronger than ever to his home, a Ana Rosa's programafter announcing almost a year ago that he was suffering from cancer. His comeback that has caused a lot of excitement.

And he did it through the big door. The leader of the opposition and his first guest, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, received him with a "millions of people were waiting for you". His followers and colleagues eagerly awaited his return.

A return that was planned to be in September, but that had to be postponed until the second week of October. And Ana Rosa has not found things as she left them, On the day of her incorporation, a very important person is missing.

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More than three months have passed since Onega sleeps left the house for which the two presenters work. Ónega also left the program where he worked: It's already noonwhich has not left indifferent Ana Rosa Quintana. But the presenter has not had the opportunity to speak publicly until now. This transfer of Sonsoles to another chain has been taken as a betrayal by the management of Mediaset.

Ana Rosa Quintana speaks out on the controversy

After facing the day that awaited her at the chain and knowing that today she was the protagonist, Ana Rosa Quintana offered a press conference and the question did not take long to appear. "How have you experienced the march of Sónsoles Ónega", he heard from a summoned journalist. The question changed the communicator's face and, looking serious, Ana Rosa Quintana he replied: "I hope it goes very well".

Photo montage of Sonsoles Ónega crying and Ana Rosa Quintana.

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The presenter has experienced all this in the distance. When that happened, she had to focus on her recovery. "I was already at home when all this happened, but I hope he is doing very well", he said.

To understand everything well, we have to go back to June 25. That day, Unicorn Content, whose production company Ana Rosa Quintana she is the owner, she was celebrating a summer party. At the time, the Galician journalist was already being tempted by the competition to sign her. Many indicate that this is the reason why none of their colleagues have mentioned or spoken about their choice.

However, it seems that things are different off the cameras. As I pointed out a few weeks ago Onega sleepstheir friendships have not been affected by this decision. At least, that's what the Galician said.

"We can't wait to see each other, I really want to see her on screen again. I keep everything we've experienced", he said with affection. In any case, this day will be marked in the life ofAna Rosa Quintana. And as it could not be, she has been accompanied by her loved ones, a detail that has touched the heart of the presenter.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz


"My husband has come, my children... It has made my family very happy that I have had the strength to come back," she said, full of pride. The communicator is 66 years old and her career is largely characterized by her professionalism.

"In the 17 years that my children have had, I have never seen them go to school. I got up to be with them and have breakfast. It's all so strange, so new, it's all so different", concluded the journalist, referring to how her life has changed over the last year.

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