Ana Rosa Quintana confirms the news of Olga Moreno's pregnancy

Ana Rosa Quintana has interviewed Olga Moreno and realized: she is going through one of the best moments of her life. And much of her happiness is related to Agustín Etienne, her new boyfriend, whom she describes as an "angel". The presenter joked with her and told her that the last thing she needs is to announce that she is pregnant.

Ana Rosa Quintana is one of the best journalists of telecincshe is the only one who has managed to chat with Antonio David's ex. Before starting the interview he issued a small advance at the entrance to the set and everything was born. Quintana was joking with her guest and told her that the next thing she will do is confirm her pregnancy.

Photo by Olga Moreno.

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Ana Rosa has been removed from the media spotlight for eleven months, so there are many matters that have been strange to her. The Andalusian clarified all the doubts and the first thing he did was reveal what price he has paid to be with Agustín. Thus, he has recognized that Rocío Flores she's upset with her, but she hopes it passes quickly.

"It's hard for her to bear it, but the people who love me see me happy and they must be happy to see me like this. My relationship with Rocío is not at its best, but it's not the first time he gets angry, we'll fix it. I'm not doing anyone wrong, I broke up a year and a half ago, I didn't think I had to break up," he said.

Ana Rosa does not understand that her former collaborator has become angry, she thinks that Olga Moreno has the right to live her life. She is no longer married to Antonio David and it is not fair that no one asks her for an explanation, she can make any decision. However, the businesswoman is ready to sit down with her family to clarify all the doubts that are in the air.

  1. Ana Rosa Quintana manages to find out the truth
  2. Ana Rosa Quintana has made history

Ana Rosa Quintana manages to find out the truth

Ana Rosa was very comfortable with her guest, so much so that they joked about the possibility of expanding the family. Olga took the comment well, in fact she laughed and admitted that she is very excited about her new boyfriend. She affectionately calls him 'Agus' and is fighting to make the courtship last "for life" because she trusts him.

Image of Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne

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"When I went to survivors my partner was not well, it had been a regular time, but it did not enter my mind to separate. I didn't believe it and I continued to fight, that's why the relationship with Agustín has been an angel that they have placed in me and I am happy. I want to look to the future because the past are stages that close and I don't want to look back," he explained.

Quintana knows that Antonio David's ex has been completely honest, has left nothing to explain and has spoken from the heart. "I was in love with my husband until Marta Riesco's story came out in the magazine, we weren't on good terms, but they're crazy. We distanced ourselves a little, but not to separate from here, I didn't expect it", he confessed.

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Ana Rosa Quintana has made history

Ana Rosa was the only one who managed to convince Olga Moreno to return to telecinc. She wanted to stay away from television, but she has realized that it is best to show her face. In addition, she has taken great care to make it clear how she feels about her boyfriend, she does not want anyone to doubt.

"I fully trust Agustín, I have always trusted David, which happens that he was public and many girls went out. What Agustín transmits to me is good, I trust him", he declared with a smile.

Quintana has received congratulations from all his teammates, as what he has done is very complicated. The second mother of Rocío Flores he distrusts certain journalists and doesn't usually talk to anyone. However, with the presenter she has made an effort: she knows she is the best, there is no one like her Mediaset.

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