Ana Rosa Quintana confirms the news of the divorce and stops hiding her feelings

Ana Rosa Quintana he has returned home after all this time he has needed to recover from his illness. And he did it through the big door and with two great guests: Ortega Cano and Nuñez Feijoo.

The extorero sat in front of the presenter to talk about his relationship with Ana Maria Aldón and the accusations of Rocío Carrasco.

Regarding the latter, the bullfighter read a statement in which he made reference that he would take legal action against the daughter of Rocío Jurado. Ortega Cano he considers that all this that his stepdaughter is talking about on television is "blasphemy", as he labels it.

After closing this topic, they went on to talk about the sentimental plan. Ana Rosa Quintana asked him about his relationship with Ana Maria Aldón. me Ortega Cano he replied that he is still in love and that he has no intentions of reaching a divorce.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Ortega Cano

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That's when the bullfighter stood up and starred in one of the most talked about moments in television history. The presenter invited the bullfighter to send a message to his still love. But he wasn't expected to do this.

Ortega stood up and, looking at the camera, addressed directly Ana Maria Aldónhe said he promised they would go get the girl as her semen is still strong.

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However, by mistake, whoever was Rocío Jurado's husband was looking at a monitor instead of the camera. "I even dropped my microphone. More than a dinner, something else is being prepared here", he joked Ana Rosa Quintana.

Ana Rosa Quintana gives advice from woman to woman

Faced with these statements, the communicator has put herself in Ana María's place and wanted to send her a message of support.

The bullfighter's still wife asked for more displays of affection and love from him. However, the response ofOrtega Cano it has been sex and bringing a new child into the world, instead of taking more care of her.

Photo of Joaquín Prat and Ana Rosa Quintana on set

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The day after this event, there was still talk on the set of Ana Rosa about what had happened. And she did not hesitate to send him a piece of advice.

"You have to look for happiness, you have to be happy. And if it doesn't make you happy, Ana María, and you're not in love with it, take it," he said.

In this way, he was telling her that, if she no longer wanted to be with him, she had to put an end to their marriage as soon as possible. so much Ana Rosa Quintana as contributors have commented how is it possible for someone to address his wife like that.

Joaquín Prat it was another of the colleagues who commented on this speech and who was stunned by what he was hearing. So much so that he said: "after what happened yesterday, I don't know how Ana Maria Aldón he has put up with it for so many years."

Photo of Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón

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about the reaction ofAna Maria Aldón in front of these words, it is known that he has not taken it well. In addition, they say that she remains firm in her decision to separate.

All indications are that he will follow the advice ofAna Rosa Quintanawho is still stunned by the message he heard on set. We will have to wait to see what Ana María's position is, although we can already imagine how she will have taken these words about her husband's semen.

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