Ana Rosa Quintana confirms the secret out loud and makes her three children cry

There is no doubt that Ana Rosa Quintana has returned to television through the big door. And the fact is that the presenter, year after year, has managed to win, even more, the esteem of the most loyal viewers ofAna Rosa's program.

In addition to boasting that she is well-loved within the journalistic sector, she can also say loud and clear that she is a great professional, as evidenced by the nickname she was given some time ago: The Queen of the Mornings.

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So, since last week Joaquín Prat announced that her friend would return to the space of the mornings of telecinceveryone was eagerly waiting for this moment to happen. So, Monday, October 10, after a total of 11 months away from the screens, Ana Rosa Quintana reappeared to once again lead his format.

Obviously, his return was much talked about. However, the real question is: has this historic moment managed to save audiences from telecinc? or the return ofAna Rosa Quintana Wasn't it enough to get back up?

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  1. Ana Rosa Quintana saves Telecinco
  2. Ana Rosa Quintana's first words after returning to television

Ana Rosa Quintana saves Telecinco

It is not a surprise to anyone that for some time telecinc it does not go through a good time due to the low audiences. Also, for Paolo Vasile's chain this situation is being unsustainable, since it is continuously witnessing how its rival, Antenna 3is getting more hits and new followers.

In fact, before reaching these extremes, the same Ana Rosa Quintana witnessed that the chain tried everything to avoid reaching this point. They introduced new features to some of the more veteran programs and even created new formats like nightmare in paradise i who is my father

However, none of his proposals have succeeded in bringing back the audience. Bye now. And yesterday something that seemed impossible was achieved and all thanks to Ana Rosa Quintanathe great protagonist.

There is no doubt that the return ofAna Rosa Quintana has marked a before and after on television. A good proof of this was noticed in the hearings, which reached a figure not seen for a long time.

Likewise, according to the medium 20 minutes, Ana Rosa's program achieved the record with 25.5% of To share and a total of 721 thousand viewers. A sum that is considered the best of the season and that was not seen since Friday, June 11, 2021.

So Paolo Vasile can rest easy because this time he has passed the matinee of Susanna Gray. As the aforementioned medium assures, Public Mirror achieved a 10.9% share and 300,000 viewers. Below these two formats were The time of La 1with 8.9% and 191 thousand viewers.

Of course, not only the presence ofAna Rosa Quintana improved the audience of his own program, but also that of It's already noonwhich got 16.8% and 1 267 million viewers.

Close-up of Ana Rosa Quintana.


Ana Rosa Quintana's first words after returning to television

Over the years, Ana Rosa Quintana has become one of the star presenters of telecinc. For this reason and many more, his return was the most anticipated of the year. Just starting the broadcast of her program, the journalist wanted to deliver an exciting speech.

"Good morning, I hope we continue to say good morning for many more days... I told you we would see each other soon, it's been a bit long for me, but I'm here, good morning", he began saying.

"I have an eternal debt with this immense affection that has reached me from all of you. From my colleagues, people I don't know who have given me their prayers, even the Pope has sent me a blessed rosary", he explained.

"I have received a lot of love at home, from my husband, from my children, from my friends, without my friends everything would have been much harder. And now, very seriously, it's a miracle that I'm here today", he concluded.

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