Ana Rosa Quintana knows that everything can change if he carries out the live threat

Ana Rosa Quintana has finally returned in the mornings of telecinc after a year away from television. Twelve months where the presenter has fought the breast cancer she was diagnosed with with strength and hope. Today, Monday October 10, Ana Rosa's program started with her at the top announcing one of the most anticipated interviews.

After one of the worst summers of his life, Ortega Cano will break the silence and explain where the marital crisis is. During this time, he has seen how his still-wife aired her problems on various programs and now it's his turn. A decision that has caused all kinds of reactions.

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  1. Ana Rosa Quintana and the interview that can change everything
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Ana Rosa Quintana and the interview that can change everything

Ana Rosa wanted to return with magnificence and she has succeeded. His struggle has not separated him from current affairs, and he has closely followed each and every piece of news and controversies. One of them has been the marital crisis between Ortega Cano i Ana Maria Aldón.

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The designer has spent a summer confessing what her relationship with the widower of 'La Más Grande' is like, avoiding talking about a breakup. However, a few days ago he stated a party that their marriage was broken and last Sunday it was reaffirmed.

Now that all attention is on telecinc thanks to the return of Ana Rosa, it is Ortega who decides to break the silence. He knows that the expectation is maximum and he does not want to waste the opportunity to tell the story.

For months there has been speculation about his marriage and it is time to know how he has experienced this crisis. However, Ana María was not very pleased with this interview and she let it be known to Emma Garcia. "Every time I've done something, I've told him first," she said a little annoyed.

Ana Maria Aldón


Apparently, she found out from other people that her husband would be giving an interview to Ana Rosa Quintana. "He is master of his life and the decisions of his life and he decides which people he communicates them to," he added minutes later.

Ana Rosa returns with charged batteries

Ana Rosa Quintana she stood in front of the cameras with renewed strength and ready to show that she is still in shape. He knows that the interview with the widower of 'La Más Grande' will be followed and analyzed by many media and he does not plan to leave any heads to tie.

Ortega has several fronts open and his marital crisis has been joined by Rocío's testimony. She accuses him of not treating her mother well and he is ready to take legal action against her. This will undoubtedly be one of the points that Ana Rosa will try to put on the table after she explains where the marriage is at.

Close-up of Ortega Cano with his mouth open


The relationship with Ana María has reached a turning point and the tension between the two is palpable, especially after discovering how the collaborator found out what he was planning to do. "He told me 'I have to talk to you, I will go to Ana Rosa on Monday, I wanted you to know'", he commented to party.

She had already heard about it from other people and it didn't take her by surprise. "I already knew, but it seems very good to me, I'm looking forward to hearing it, I don't want to miss it. I am receptive to what I have to communicate", she added. They all expect José to announce his separation thus putting an end to his marriage with Ana María.

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