Ana Soria, shocked to learn that the rumors about her brother are true

Ana Soria she was the girl of the moment. When his relationship with the bullfighter came to light Enrique Poncethe press and social networks took their hands to their heads. The age difference between the two is very noticeable. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The bullfighter has snuck into his girlfriend's family pretty well, it seems like they've known each other forever.

Last Wednesday, Hispanic Day served for many things and gave a lot of itself. In addition to celebrating the national day, it was worth getting to know better the relationship between Ana Soria and her boyfriend. Specifically, between him and his political family. It was already known that he got along wonderfully with Federico Soria, Ana's father. Both had already been seen in the press together and have shown that they are on good terms. However, yesterday he showed that the friendship also goes further with other members of his family, specifically with his brother.

A picture has come to light in which it appears Enrique Ponce with his brother-in-law in a boat, while holding and praising the flag of Spain. Both appear smiling and joking as if they were two great friends. Despite the huge age difference between the two, Ponce has managed to have a good relationship with his partner's family Ana Soria. This is very important to her, because she is very familiar and could not stand bad terms between her love and her people.

This sailing day has served the couple to consolidate their love and their relationship with their family: their bond is indestructible. This photo on the boat was used by the law student to show how well they live together. Next to the photo he wrote the following: "How beautiful is the land on which our cradle and all its people were rocked. Happy Hispanic Day". He has limited comments on this post, so not all of his followers have been able to comment on the image.

Ana Soria very happy with her boyfriend

The girl has received a lot of criticism and comments through social networks, especially about the big age difference between the couple. Ana has only five posts on her accountInstagram, but some are dedicated to members of their family nucleus. In fact, she already has several with her brother, also a lover of the sea, like her.

On the same vessel in which it appears with Enrique Ponce, Ana Soria he had another one with his brother. Both leave smiling and very complicit, showing that there is no better plan than being together in one of their favorite places.

Photomontage stories Ana Soria

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Ponce is just as adventurous as the youngsters. More than once he has shown this hidden facet. He has always been jovial and knows how to develop as best he knows how, as if he were twenty years younger.

Ana Soria seems to be fed up with labels about love. For her, there is no age in relationships. And it seems that this idea is being implemented better and better in our society. If nothing else, let them say it too Kiko Matamoroswho keeps getting jokes and memes about his relationship with Marta López Álamo.

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