Ana Terradillos, nervous, puts Paolo Vasile between the ropes with her threat

Ana Terradillos is in a very good moment professionally speaking, she works at Four a day since 2020. First she did it as a contributor, then as a presenter, which is her current position. During these two years, he made a stop to take the place of Ana Rosa in his morning program, however, in July he returned to Cuatro to lead the afternoons.

Many times journalists can be left in shock after a wrong answer from a guest being interviewed. One of the most recent and clear examples was Ana Rosa with José Ortega Cano and "my semen is of strength". The journalist was speechless and dry-mouthed, as she assured.

But this feeling of wanting to melt has also recently happened to Ana Terradillos a Four a day.

  1. Ana Terradillos stuns with her guest
  2. Ana Terradillos brings the situation back to Four a day

Ana Terradillos stuns with her guest

Last weekend, the political party Vox organized a festival in space Mad Cool a Madridwhich lasted two days. the event Live 22 was organized so that supporters and voters could feel closer to their leader, Santiago Abascal. Also there were other party representatives such as Rocío Monasterio or Javier Ortega Smith.

At the meeting, in addition to talks and speeches, there was also space for music. The event organized by Vox invited Infovlogger and Meconios to take the stage and participate in the meeting with their songs.

We will return to 36that's the title of the song these rappers sang. His performance, due to his verses, became a big controversy for the public, who protested through social networks. These are some of the opening verses of the song: "We always anger the communists, feminists and progress. The left will already govern, the dictatorship will begin. Surrounded by revolutionaries, people who take it easy on the sofa."

Although the verses that created the most controversial controversy are the following because of gang rapes: “Feminists protest gang rape. There are ten more to investigate, I'm so sorry, they're from Senegal. We are the resistance, we are factions".

Ana Terradillos brings the situation back to Four a day

Due to the controversy that arose, Ana Terradillos invited one of the singers to her program to be able to interview him. Isaac Parejo connected live with the journalist a Four a day and he did it very quietly.

The interview began strongly with some words addressed to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who described the song as a "hate crime". The rapper replied that "he should worry about doing his job, which is that they don't get close to the prisons. Focus on investigating the 339 tributes to terrorists that have been made in 2022, not by a bunch of singing 'youtubers' We will return to 36».

The 'youtuber' criticized the media for censoring part of his lyrics and, for that reason, he was forced to explain it. "It's a song about how this Government resembles the Popular Front and that they want us to go back to 36. I feel completely ridiculous explaining it." Continuing on his path of criticizing the media, the guest assured that the press "silences sexual assaults when it comes to immigrants". Ana Terradillos, angry at his answer, did not take long to answer him. "I don't do that and this program doesn't either."

However, since the 'youtuber' was not happy with the journalist's explanation, she had to insist. "I have not silenced a group rape committed by anyone. This seems barbaric to me and I ask you please not to say it again, because we don't do that in this program."

Parejo no longer knew what to answer, so instead of accusing the program, he accused the chain: "To your chain, yes." Ana Terradillos explained to him that "I talk about my program, which is the one I can talk about".

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