Anabel Pantoja admits that the pregnancy has not been as she expected

Anabel Pantoja he is living one of the most special moments of his life. Everything indicates that their Yulen Pereira relationship is going downhill. In recent months they have invested a lot of time in travel, friends, family, etc. In short, we can already say that they are building a serious and formal love story.

Anabel herself has even said so. During one of the broadcasts of the program save me he has missed a word that has been echoed. Anabel Pantoja he referred to Yulen as 'partner'. Statements that confirm what everyone already knew.

However, for the life of the niece ofIsabel Pantoja more romances have happened. And yes, we are referring to one of her most famous exes: Omar Sánchez, or "the black one", as the young woman used to affectionately call him. Anabel and Omar came to pass through the altar. This has been reminding the canary in the program nightmare in paradise where he is competing There, he opened up to his teammates and explained how his relationship with Sevilla has been and is.

  1. One year since Anabel Pantoja wore white
  2. Anabel's love story

One year since Anabel Pantoja wore white

October 1 marks the first wedding anniversary between Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez. However, in addition to pulling back the veil that day, Anabel Pantoja she also took to the altar with her serious problems in her relationship.

It all seemed that the marriage bond only served to try to solve the shortcomings that both of them suffered from, but it did not work. The ex-partner divorced four months later. A decision that surprised many people and that left speculation about the dubious illusion they were living.

Omar Sánchez and Anabel, on their wedding day.


However, Omar Sánchez had some kind words addressed to Anabel Pantoja during "reality". The young man had a conversation with his partner Dani. Both were doing chores and the young man took the opportunity to vent.

Anabel Pantoja and he maintain a friendship. "Getting along with Anabel is a bit strange, we were getting married last year and now, no feelings or anything. I got married in love but damn, everything was already strange. We didn't stop the wedding because the guests had spent a lot of money, I did want to get married," he said. He said these statements with a hint of nostalgia in his words.

In addition to the wedding plans, the couple had had long talks about bringing a baby into the world together, which was not what they had hoped for Anabel Pantoja like Omar Sánchez. "We couldn't risk being parents, besides she was from here to there... In the end, this makes you move further apart", he said.

Despite the end of this story, Omar said the following: «We cling to a person and you think you will not find anyone like you. Fortunately, this feeling is no longer the same and at the moment I feel well and happy", he indicated, referring to the love he is living with Marina in "reality".

However, apparently, the Canary did not rule out "marrying again, you don't lose that feeling or that illusion of finding someone".

Anabel's love story

Anabel Pantojafor his part, he is experiencing a new excitement with Yulen. She has spoken out many times about their relationship. "I adore Yulen, but he has to go slowly. I often explain things to him and he continues not to understand them, he is very innocent", said a save me.

So the hope of getting pregnant with Omar was cut short, however Anabel Pantoja he still has a lot of time to think about something like that again.

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