Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira reveal that they do not want to continue and publish the photo

In recent years, Anabel Pantoja has gained a reputation within the world of social networks. Also, although she rose to fame for being the well-known niece ofIsabel Pantojathe truth is that lately the Sevillian has also managed to make herself known as influencer.

For this reason, the cousin of Kiko Rivera he doesn't hesitate to publish the details of his frenetic lifestyle. In fact, on his profile ofInstagram they can be seen as snapshots promoting brands he collaborates with as images of everything he does on a day-to-day basis.

It is clear that, being constantly exposed, and especially being such a media personality as she is, Anabel Pantoja he always has to struggle with being the focus of attention. Precisely, the ex-collaborator of save me has received a ton of criticism for the latest thing he's done.

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  1. Anabel Pantoja, at the limit due to the criticism she receives about her physique
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Anabel Pantoja, at the limit due to the criticism she receives about her physique

It is a fact that Anabel Pantojawherever it goes, one way or another it always ends up receiving thousands of reviews. To a greater extent since he began his story with Yulen Pereira, his partner of survivorsand left behind the one she had with Omar Sánchez, her husband.

From then on, the negative comments towards her increased considerably, something that the Sevillian has managed to endure to a certain extent. Also, almost always the influencer he ignores these criticisms that come at him day after day through all the social networks, but this time it was different.

Anabel Pantoja

| Instagram

It was yesterday, October 16, when the tonadillera's niece published an image showing herself in her natural state: just out of the shower, without any make-up or filters. What seemed to be a most innocent image, in the end, ended up generating what was unexpected: a lot of controversy.

This way, Anabel Pantoja he began to receive a large amount of insults and offenses that charged against his physical appearance. Some were like 'no make-up, but filled with hyaluronic acid botox, vitamin cocktail' or 'no more lips, please'.

Far from ignoring all these criticisms, this time, Yulen Pereira's girlfriend has exploded against the attacks. In addition, she has also come out to clarify herself all the aesthetic touch-ups that have been done over the years. "Yes, I've injected botox, and a bit of acid in my lip", began the speech. "I think that each person should feel at ease with themselves and that's why I think that lines should not be crossed or insulted in this way."

Story by Anabel Pantoja

| Instagram @ANABELPANTOJA00

As she has written, if these insults continue to arrive, "we will end badly because you do not know the degree of harm that can be done with certain comments. [...] Then we talk about mental health, and protecting ourselves... (the sad thing, that they all come from women, so to speak)», he closed.

All the aesthetic touches of Anabel Pantoja

As the years have passed, it is no secret that Anabel Pantoja has resorted more than once to an aesthetic center to have a touch-up done. In fact, good proof of this is the change he has made since he began to take his first steps on television until today.

Seconds save me commented at the time, the niece of the tonadillera would have spent a total of 40 thousand euros to be able to have the physique she now boasts of. "He's had botox, facial rejuvenation, orthodontics and lip fillers. He has undergone liposuction and integral liposculpture. [...] Abdominal marking has been done, a gastric ring has been put in, a mammoplasty (breast augmentation) and a mastopexy (breast lift) have been done," they said at the time.

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