Andrea Janeiro warns her mother that she has no future and advises her to leave

Andrea Janeiro knows that Belén could have the hours counted a save me after the last information that arrived there. The program goes through the lowest hours and does not manage to recover the ratings no matter how many changes occur. Something is not quite right and the collaborator could be the first to be harmed.

Andrea's mother is more aware of this every day and works hard to find a way of life away from television. He announced some time ago that he was reconsidering leaving, but circumstances could lead to an earlier exit than expected.

  1. Andrea Janeiro knows that his hours are numbered
  2. Andrea Janeiro wants her collaborator to follow suit

Andrea Janeiro knows that his hours are numbered

Andrea Janeiro she has had to live with what it means to be Jesulín's daughter and Bethlehem Stephen. For this reason, just reaching the age of majority, make certain points clear. The first is that she didn't want to be a public figure like her parents and the second that she had to keep her away from the media.

This is how Andrea unknowingly dug the media grave of the collaborator of save me. She ended up being flagged as a sufferer and also charged against the Janeiro family. Belén decided to remain silent and not enter into controversies that would fully affect his daughter.

Edited by Andrea Janeiro and Belén Esteban


A decision that has had consequences in the work of the talk show and that could end him suddenly. He already said it Kiko Matamoros by stating that his colleague's career "was over" and that she no longer generates interest. Some words that fell like a vase of cold water to Esteban and that he did not like at all.

Now, it was the same collaborator who recognized that her colleague could be right. All following the interview a Anabel Pantoja in the Luxurious of last Friday Yes, since his reappearance did not get the expected result, making it clear that the program is going through an unprecedented crisis.

Belén Esteban on set

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"Like when I, the previous weekend, came with Kiko and we had a horrible audience", acknowledged Belén. The confrontation between Matamoros and Jesulín's ex failed to hook the spectators, already tired of always the same controversies. One more sign that the end is getting closer.

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Andrea Janeiro wants her collaborator to follow suit

Andrea Janeiro he knows that his mother has spent very hard and complicated afternoons a save me which have ended up taking their toll. In fact, Belén herself already commented months ago that she needed peace of mind and that her future did not involve retiring from television.

That's why he started turning over to his food company, even if his gazpachos and salmorejos have not had the success he expected, to consolidate his future. There is a world beyond television and, above all, of save mewhat Andreita wants you to explore.

Photo of Belén Esteban and Andrea Janeiro inside a car.


As he has done Anabel Pantoja that, after returning from survivorsdecided not to return to the show. The pain involved in returning is not profitable and he made it clear in his interview with Luxurious ensuring peaceful living.

"She has learned to have her life outside, I don't know if this will benefit or harm her," he said Gemma López. "I think it's her decision and in this sense, if she's doing well and doesn't suffer, the better for her," he added.

An example you can live without save me and the peace of mind of not having to face controversies with colleagues. And that's exactly what Andrea would like. Living on the sidelines of confrontations and audience data that endanger the future of collaborators every day.

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