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The French pay on average 1,059 euros of constrained expenses (rent, fuel, telephone bill, etc.) each month, or 35% of their net income, according to the study by the comparator Lesfurets and CSA Research of November 2021. Low-income couples with two children are particularly in difficulty since their constrained expenses represent up to 64% of their monthly income. The situation is even on the way to worsen since inflation should reach 3.7% in 2022, according to the Banque de France, after 1.6% in 2021.

In this context, saving money is necessary for many consumers. Sites and apps promise to help them save several hundred euros a year on their gas, electricity, telephone, Internet bills, car or home insurance. “Loyalty is not rewarded: it is often possible to save several hundred euros by changing suppliers”says Hugo Salard, president of the Origame subscription management app, who finds that his customers have an average of eight subscriptions.

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In some cases, the good advice is not to change supplier, but simply to terminate your contract. All you have to do is end the unlimited gym membership or movie tickets you don’t use. Not to mention the yoga or meditation sites discovered during the first confinement, then fallen into oblivion two years later but whose contribution is still paid.

285 euros on health insurance

On the side of incompressible expenses, online comparators such as Lesfurets, LeLynx or Meilleurtaux allow you to obtain more advantageous offers in a few minutes than your current contract.

For example, according to Lesfurets, customers save 360 ​​euros by changing car insurance and 285 euros on health insurance. “The average annual saving amounts to 187 euros on gas and electricity bills, but it has been reduced for three months due to price increases which make alternative offers less attractive than before”specifies Julia Poulban, marketing director of the comparator Lesfurets.

On this site, the consumer answers a number of questions about his current contract and his needs, then is offered alternative contracts. He can then be redirected to the site of the supplier chosen to subscribe. “We work with more than two hundred partners in all areas, including thirty-four in car insurance. This diversity allows us to offer the best prices to our users,” assures Julia Poulban.

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