Aragonès urges JxCat to support "their budgets" and not give the key to the PSC

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has redoubled this Tuesday the pressure on JxCat to support "its budgets", drawn up largely by the former Minister of Economy Jaume Giró, and not make it necessary to resort to the votes of the PSC to approve the bills for next year.

This was stated at a press conference from the Palau de la Generalitat, at the end of the first meeting of the new Government, after the seven new ministers who have filled the vacancies left by JxCat have taken office this morning.

Carlos Campuzano (Social Rights), Joaquim Nadal (Research and Universities), Gemma Ubasart (Justice, Rights and Memory), Manel Balcells (Health), Natalia Mas (Economy and Finance), Meritxell Serret (Foreign Action) and Juli Fernández (Territory ) have assumed their positions in an act in the Palace of the Generalitat, in which Aragonés has summoned them to serve "all of Catalonia".

Subsequently, they held their first work meeting and, afterwards, Aragonès offered a press conference in which he emphasized the need for JxCat to support the budgets that former Minister Giró already left "very advanced": "I don't know I would understand that Junts ruled out budgets made by Junts».

The negotiation of the Generalitat's budgets for 2023 is becoming the first battle front between former coalition partners, whose political relationship is only getting worse.

To approve the budgets, Aragonès will seek the "priority" support of the formations that supported his investiture or the last accounts: JxCat, the CUP and En Comú Podem, in addition to ERC.

Aragonès has appealed to those who until last Friday were his partners, JxCat, taking into account that Jaume Giró and his team left a "very advanced" budget project.

It will only be necessary to introduce "some small tweak" that the new ministers consider appropriate and that according to Aragonès should not be a problem to have the endorsement of JxCat, which must "assume its responsibilities" and that, despite having left the Govern, " It would be very incomprehensible for him to abandon citizenship.”

Due to the remodeling of the Government, forced by the departure of Junts, it will no longer be possible, as he has admitted, to present the budget project in Parliament next week, so the accounts will not be able to enter into force on the first day of 2023 .

Aragonès, who will appear in Parliament on Wednesday, October 19 to report on the changes in the Government, has also replied to the leaders of JxCat who question its continuity: "My government has all the legitimacy."

Aragonés's appeal has been answered by the leader of JxCat in Parliament, Vallense Albert Batet, who has warned that his party will not negotiate the budgets until Aragonés submits to a matter of confidence in the Catalan chamber.

"It is irresponsible to govern with the weakest government in the history of Catalnya," said Batet, who warned that the new Government "does not have the confidence of the Parliament."

Given the frontal opposition that JxCat plans to raise, Aragonès has avoided completely closing the door to the PSC votes.

To each question about whether he ruled out seeking socialist support, the president has responded with the same argument: «The priority is to approve them with the groups that supported the investiture and the previous budgets. From here, we will continue working."

Oblivious to the scuffle between ERC and JxCat, the Socialists continue to reach out to agree on budgets with the Government.

The spokesperson for the PSC-Units in Parliament, Alícia Romero, has disassociated the possible approval of the General State Budgets from the Catalan accounts.

Romero lamented that the ERC maintains "a relationship of dialogue and negotiation" with the PSOE, but not with the PSC, and has warned that the one who has to choose the path is Aragonès, who is "more alone than before".

The leader of En Comú Podem in Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, has affirmed that the new Government is born "very weak" and has warned that a budget extension cannot be allowed: "Catalonia needs new budgets and they need to be negotiated, it would be a enormous irresponsibility not to have them”, he said on Catalunya Ràdio.

The spokesperson for Vox in the Parliament, Joan Garriga, has accused Aragonès of signing "rebounders" from other parties for his Government, while the spokeswoman for the PPC, Lorena Roldán, has denounced the configuration of "an undercover tripartite" with support of the PSC.

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