Armand Duplantis breaks his pole vault world record, at 6.20m, and wins the world indoor title

At 22, Olympic champion Armand Duplantis has just broken his 4th world record on Sunday March 20, 2022.

Even higher. Swede Armand Duplantis improved his pole vault world record by clearing a bar at 6.20m to earn his first indoor world title on Sunday in Belgrade.

After two totally missed tries, he cleared the bar at 6.20m on his third and final attempt, capsizing the Stark Arena in the Serbian capital.

The Swede’s previous world record (6.19m) had been drawn up two weeks ago in the same room. The Olympic champion was crowned ahead of the Brazilian Thiago Braz (5.95 m) and the American Chris Nilsen (5.90 m).

The Outdoor Worlds in sight

Olympic champion, in 2021, and outdoor European champion, in 2018, as well as indoors, in 2021, the 22-year-old Swedish prodigy had never before been crowned at a world meeting. He will try this summer in Eugene (Oregon, United States) to seize the gold medal at the Outdoor Worlds (from July 15 to 24), the only one missing from his already well-stocked list.

This gifted pole vaulter, holder of almost all the records since he was 11 years old, is not used to the bars resisting him. At 22, the Olympic champion has just broken his fourth world record. He is also the holder of the best outdoor performance in history – at 6.15m, in September 2020, in Rome.

Evolution of the world record since the passage of 6.10 m:

  • 6.10 m: Sergei Bubka (Soviet), August 5, 1991 in Malmö (Sweden)
  • 6.11 m: Sergei Bubka (Ukrainian), June 13, 1992 in Dijon (France)
  • 6.12 m: Sergei Bubka (Ukrainian), August 30, 1992 in Padua (Italy)
  • 6.13 m: Sergei Bubka (Ukrainian), September 19, 1992 in Tokyo
  • 6.14 m: Sergei Bubka (Ukrainian), July 31, 1994 in Sestriere (Italy)
  • 6.16 m: Renaud Lavillenie (French), February 15, 2014 in Donetsk (Ukraine) indoors
  • 6.17 m: Armand Duplantis (Swedish), February 8, 2020 in Torun (Poland) indoors
  • 6.18 m: Armand Duplantis (Swedish), February 15, 2020 in Glasgow (United Kingdom) indoors
  • 6.19 m: Armand Duplantis (Swedish), March 7, 2022 in Belgrade (Serbia) indoors
  • 6.20 m: Armand Duplantis (Swedish), March 20, 2022 in Belgrade (Serbia) indoors

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