arrival today of harmful gases

The Department of Climate Action has activated an air pollution prevention warning this Wednesday. The alert is due to an intrusion of African dust that could last several days, depending on the values ​​collected at the different stations.

The prevention notice is the phase prior to the possibility of an environmental episode, without it necessarily having to occur. It is activated to reduce emissions, specifically, the particles that are emitted due to human activities, which are added to those already present in the atmosphere for natural reasons.

  1. Suggestions from the Generalitat
  2. Alert activation zone

Suggestions from the Generalitat

In terms of transport, citizens are advised to make journeys on foot or by bicycle, preferably choosing streets with little traffic. Also, prioritizing public transport as well as reducing journeys by private vehicle. In the field of work, if possible do it remotely or use carpooling and carry out efficient driving.

The General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change, of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, will comprehensively monitor the levels. Likewise, it will be assessed daily if it is necessary to modify or maintain the preventive notice. If it got worse, a particle pollution episode would be triggered, or if levels were reduced, the pre-emptive warning would be deactivated.

Alert activation zone

The stations of the Air Pollution Monitoring and Forecasting Network (XVPCA) detected a significant increase in particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns (PM10). The warning was detected last Tuesday in the atmosphere throughout Catalonia.

The daily average of PM10 levels on Tuesday was higher than the value of 50 μg/m³ in several measuring stations. Specifically, in the Special Protection Zone of the Atmospheric Environment, located in the area of Barcelona and the Vallès i Baix Llobregat.

Likewise, the daily limit value has also been exceeded in the air quality areas of the regions of GironaPre-Pyrenees, Terres de Ponent and Terres de l'Ebre. The forecast for the next 24 hours indicates that levels will remain high throughout the territory and that the daily value of 50 μg/m³ could be exceeded during Wednesday. It is expected that the intrusion of African dust will persist and that the dispersion conditions will not improve significantly, which will not allow the values ​​to be reduced in the short term.

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