Arsenio Puro, semi-finalist of 'Got Talent', dies in full performance

The magician Arsenio Puro, semi-finalist of the edition of 'Got Talent' Spain in 2019, has died in full performance in the Houdini room of Madrid. The artist died this Saturday at the age of 46 after suffering a heart attack while participating in a show. The event caused great consternation among those present.

Arsenio Puro became one of the most loved artists of the fourth edition of 'Got Talent'. He won over the audience and the jury with elaborate magic numbers. The talent show of telecinc made it possible to meet this endearing character.

Beyond his television facet, Arsenio Puro had been on stage for years with his magic shows. This Saturday he performed his last performance in the Madrid room where his heart stopped forever. The dismayed wizarding world bid farewell with heartwarming messages.

  1. They thought it was part of the show
  2. He died in hospital
  3. Farewell to a much-loved magician

They thought it was part of the show

The events happened this Saturday, after 9:30 p.m., on the stage of Sala Houdini in Madrid. Magician Arsenio Puro, 46 ​​years old, had been performing in this room in the capital for 25 years. At one point in the show he collapsed on stage, to the bewilderment of the audience.

At first the audience thought it was just another part of the show, so they kept laughing. They soon realized that it was for real. Two policemen who were in the audience approached the magician and practiced the first resuscitation maneuvers.

The artist's body was motionless, but he still had pulse and was breathing. They determined that he had had a heart attack, practiced the first maneuvers of cardiopulmonary resuscitation while calling the emergency services. Minutes later a Summa unit arrived with medical personnel.

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He died in hospital

According to the magician Jaque, who shared the show with Arsenio, the magician "fell round on the ground". The comical content of his show made everyone believe that he was part of the act in the first few moments. When they realized it was a heart attack, panic gripped the room.

Summa doctors stabilized the artist and transferred him to the 12 October Hospital, where he died shortly afterwards. As close sources have explained, Arsenio Puro never practiced risky numbers, and he died of natural causes. The event has left all his family and friends in shock.

Arsenio Puro had built his success on the basis of thousands of performances in the room where he lost his life this Saturday and, moreover, he won everyone's affection thanks to 'Got Talent'.

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Farewell to a much-loved magician

For more than 15 years he worked closely with the magician Jaque, who is now devastated by the loss of his friend. He has only words of praise for whom he defines as a self-made and loved magician. The TV show gave him the exposure he deserved.

The members of the jury knew how to recognize his talent and he received great criticism even from Risto Mejide. With the evaluation of the jury and the affection of the public, Arsenio Puro culminated a meritorious semi-finalist position. After learning of the death, the entertainment world has been dismayed.

There have been many who have wanted to dedicate messages of affection, such as, for example, this one from a great friend: "Last night you left without warning, at your home, and doing what you loved most , make the audience enjoy and laugh with your beloved Houdini. The news of your departure fell like a blow on the world of magic.'

Also Maga Luna wanted to say goodbye to this magician, who no one will be able to forget. "Always with a smile, always making you happy, you're gone, but you leave so much, so much imprint on everyone that it will always be eternal. Thank you for your kindness, for your joy, for your magic and your immense heart."

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