as Jesús Candel said goodbye just a few days ago

Today we all woke up to the sad news that Jesús Candel, better known as Spiriman, died yesterday, Thursday, October 13. The doctor announced in 2020 that he was suffering from lung cancer and just two weeks ago, the doctor posted a photo updating his condition.

Spiriman became quite a reference, especially for raising his voice against cuts in healthcare Andalusia. His charisma and his particular way of expressing himself won him the affection of thousands of people. to your accountInstagram he had over half a million followers.

After several months away from the networks, Spiriman announced in February 2021 that he had overcome cancer. Unfortunately, however, in June of that same year, the disease returned. This is how he announced it through his account ofInstagram: "My cancer has woken up. My tumor has woken up. Hugs to all and may God bless you. Encouragement to relatives and awaken our inner strength all of us who face this disease. It's difficult to do it, but there are no more c****ns left", he confessed.

The Granada doctor Jesús Candel has announced a relapse of cancer

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  1. Spiriman's latest post
  2. Spiriman: a benchmark in the fight for public health

Spiriman's latest post

The doctor was always characterized by his impressive optimism and sense of humor, even when it came to cancer. This unique way of speaking openly about his situation was what made him connect with thousands of people.

Just two weeks ago, Jesús Candel published through the account ofInstagram a photo where he updated his status, with an optimistic message. "I believe that God created me for a reason. He made me generous so that I could join very good people like you and be able to do many things that pleased him. Only he knows the end of my destiny, but so much love that he is giving me through you and my family, keeps me here", he commented.

Jesús Candel always had words of thanks for all the messages of affection and love he received through the networks. And his great sense of humor that could not be missing in each of his publications: "Good night on a wonderful day in which I have been locked in my room all day, but happy to have less pain and more joy in the body In addition, I ate a potato omelette with peppers and onions for dinner. Give him cane in the week and worry about good things and give him the sack of toxic people and whoever poisons us. And may God bless us all", commented a Instagram.

Spiriman: a benchmark in the fight for public health

Candel became very popular on the networks, although sometimes he also got to raise some controversy. His Twitter account was suspended for comments such as "those who want to be cured of cancer, are cured and those who are not, die".

Without a doubt, Jesús Candel left an enormous legacy in the fight for public health. The doctor was the president of the Justifica por la Sanidad association. It was very common to see him in demonstrations and protests in order to make visible and curb the problems faced by public health in Andalusia.

After the news of his death, the networks have been flooded with farewell messages. Among them, Juanma Moreno, president of the Board ofAndalusiarecognized his irreproachable work to give public health the value it deserves.

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