at least one dead and several injured after an explosion in a nightclub in Baku

An explosion occurred on Sunday, April 3, in a nightclub in the capital of Azerbaijan. Search and rescue operations found the body of one person under the rubble, and preliminary reports say 31 people were injured, the Ministry of Emergencies said on its website.

The ministry said it has “received information [concernant] an explosion at a facility located on Tarlan Aliyarbeyov Street »in Baku, on Sunday at 3 a.m. (1 a.m. in Paris), adding that a fire had broken out in the establishment but had been extinguished.

A gas leak in question

The explosion was reportedly caused by a gas leak and an investigation is ongoing, AP quoted a spokesman for the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry as saying. At least 24 of those injured have been hospitalized, most of them with burns, AP reported, citing a health ministry spokesperson.

The number of people present at the site at the time of the explosion was not specified, but the press release from the Ministry of Emergency Situations specifies that search and rescue operations are in progress. Photos showing them digging through the debris of the building were posted on the ministry’s website.

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