At the Ehpad Orpea in Neuilly, malfunctions persist and “put residents at risk”

Nothing has changed. Or so little. The carpet is still just as soft, the rooms as spacious and even though the indoor swimming pool is being refurbished and the cinema closed for work, the rates are just as expensive – between 6,500 and 12,000 euros per month. At the residence Les Bords de Seine, in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), flagship of the Orpea group, the decor is flashy, but the care of residents remains just as lackluster. This is revealed by a report from the Ile-de-France regional health agency (ARS) and the Hauts-de-Seine departmental council, revealed by The Sunday newspaper and to which The world had access. The severe observation of the two guardianships stems from an unannounced inspection of the premises, on January 27 and 28, carried out following the release of Victor Castanet’s book, The Gravediggers (Fayard, 400 pages, 22.90 euros), investigation into the financial optimization practices of the global nursing home giant.

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Les Bords de Seine, Ehpad of the elite, of good families and prominent personalities, is at the heart of the book. The author reports, from numerous testimonies, acts of abuse, committed between 2016 and 2018.

The ARS and the departmental council establish the persistence, today, of dysfunctions which “take risks” to residents. The report identifies fourteen breaches of the social action and family code and formulates seventeen ” Remarks ” to secure the daily lives of the hundred and one residents.

Absent or missing employees

“The way in which the work of the healthcare teams is organized is likely to affect the quality and safety of care for residents”, point to the report. The Neuilly Ehpad stands out – like all those of the Orpea group – by a very significant use of temporary workers. They replace absent or missing employees at short notice without the teams in place having the time to introduce them to the operation of the services or the habits of the residents.

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On the second day of their inspection, Friday January 28, the ARS and the department found that eight out of fourteen employees were on a fixed-term contract. On the same day, out of six qualified nursing assistants on the provisional schedule, three were absent, replaced by trainees. On two floors of the residence were missing the two orderlies supposed to take care of forty-six residents. To supplement them, the management has sent two life assistants, non-qualified personnel. At the time of the toilet, these auxiliaries often help the residents alone to wash or dress, whereas the regulations require them to be in pairs with a carer. In Neuilly, the inspection found that they distribute the drugs although this task is the responsibility of the nursing auxiliaries.

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