At the November 13 trial, the unexpected silence of Salah Abdeslam

Interrogation of Salah Abdeslam

Observers of the trial of the November 13 attacks had marked the date as one of the most important since the start of the proceedings seven months ago. Salah Abdeslam, the most publicized defendant in this trial, was to be questioned on Wednesday March 30 about his actions during the night of November 13, 2015. A burning question was at the heart of expectations: why the only member still alive did not commandos finally trigger his explosive belt?

Investigation : Article reserved for our subscribers Did Salah Abdeslam give up blowing himself up during the November 13, 2015 attacks?

Alas, when he had agreed to answer questions at each of his interrogations since the start of the trial in September, Salah Abdeslam suddenly walled up in a silence that no one had seen coming. Dressed in black, the accused gets up in the box at the invitation of the president, Jean-Louis Périès, and takes off his mask: “Hello everyone, hello Mr. President, today I would like to use my right to silence

– Oh. It’s your right, but it wasn’t planned at all. So far you have answered a lot of questions. But here, we misunderstand. I allow myself to insistraises the magistrate, who struggles to hide his disappointment.

– I too, Mr President, I also insist. I don’t want to express myself…

– It can be dangerouscontinues the president. Faced with non-responses, we risk finding some that may not be favorable to you…

– I get it…

– Especially since here, we are coming to November 13, we had explanations from Mohamed Abrini yesterday, which in my opinion were not unfavorable to you, so I do not quite understand. »

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On Tuesday, Mohamed Abrini, childhood friend of Salah Abdeslam, explained that he had given up participating in the attacks and affirmed that Salah Abdeslam had replaced him at short notice. According to him, Salah Abdeslam was initially to join Syria in the company of another defendant, Mohamed Dahmani, and only joined the commandos because of his defection.

Has he given up on blowing himself up?

We were waiting to see how Salah Abdeslam was going to adjust to his friend’s statements and if he was going to confirm the thesis of a ” replacement “ last minute, which had convinced no one. We were also waiting for his explanations on the evening of November 13: did he give up on blowing himself up, how he had hinted at it during a previous interrogation, or was he forced to do so by a technical malfunction? ? The two hypotheses remain open: an expert report established that his explosive vest was defective, but it does not make it possible to know whether its wearer tried to trigger it.

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