at the Parc des expositions, a Valérie Pécresse in search of combativeness

End of Valérie Pécresse's speech during her meeting in Paris, April 3, 2022.

One could have wondered about the interest of such an event. Why, after the failure of the Zénith meeting in February, to which many attribute the skid of the campaign, does Valérie Pécresse repeat the exercise at the Parc des expositions de la Porte de Versailles, in Paris, on April 3? Effective on television, the candidate did not, however, appropriate the format of the meeting. And one week before the election, the right-wing elected officials no longer have hope of reaching the second round. For this second major Parisian meeting, it was in fact above all a question of “wash the affront” of the failure of the Zénith and to try to gain enough points to be ahead of Eric Zemmour on April 10.

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On Sunday, Valérie Pécresse learned from her mistakes and proved to be more combative than ever. Rather than going on stage alone, she was preceded by several party executives who came to warm up the room. In the absence of Nicolas Sarkozy, whose name, mentioned by a speaker, was booed, the candidate was able to count on her “musketeers” and a few others. Philippe Juvin, mayor of Garenne-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine) and head of the emergency department at the Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris, first spoke from Ukraine, where he went “to lend a hand”.

Xavier Bertrand then intervened to galvanize the room: “Here there are no defeatists, I hear that you have the strength, the energy and the enthusiasm to campaign until the end. » But also the former European commissioner Michel Barnier, the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Laurent Wauquiez, the president of the party, Christian Jacob, and the president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher. And of course, the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes, Eric Ciotti. “Mobilize to carry this project of authority, identity and freedom”launched the latter.

Find your tone

It was only after almost two hours that Valérie Pécresse went on stage on Sunday, starting her meeting with a minute of silence in honor of the Ukrainian victims. Visibly in better shape than at the Zenith, the candidate, some of whom feared that she would suffer from the comparison with Emmanuel Macron, in a meeting on Saturday, gave a much better performance than the previous times. More reactive to the atmosphere of the room, perhaps more in control of her speech than usual, she was able to bring it to life better.

His relatives had warned, the time this time was for politics. Gone is the catalog of puzzle format measures, of which no one manages to constitute the overall project. The provisions of the program were, on Sunday, put into perspective, placed in the context of a broader analysis. As if Valérie Pécresse had finally found her tone… a week before the ballot. Probably too late to qualify.

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