At the trial of Marseille dentists, the maximum sentence required for mutilations on hundreds of patients

Lionel Guedj and Jean-Claude Guedj, February 28, 2022 in Marseille.

They are tried for having mutilated hundreds of their patients in working-class neighborhoods. A maximum sentence of ten years in prison was required Monday, April 4 against the Marseille dentist Lionel Guedj and five years, including one suspended, against his father, Jean-Claude.

The public prosecutor requested the arrest warrant against the two defendants and asked that they also be imposed a fine of 375,000 euros for Lionel Guedj, 41, as well as the seizure of the building in which he resides, and a fine of 150,000 euros for Jean-Claude, his 70-year-old father.

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For six weeks, the two dentists have been on trial before the Marseille Criminal Court for having enriched themselves on the backs of Medicare and mutual insurance companies by making as many dental prostheses as possible on patients who did not need them, after devitalizing their healthy teeth, mutilating some of them for life.

A trial “exceptional given the number of victims” – 322 joined as civil parties – and the “sordidity” facts “with the air of an assize court”noted the public prosecutor.

“Insatiable Greed”

Abscesses, cysts, unbearable pain, black mouth, bad breath, prostheses that do not hold: the victims told the bar the consequences of the operations carried out on the chain by this dental practice which had settled in 2005 in a poor district of north of the second city of France.

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Faced with these testimonies, the public prosecutor said that he had seen defendants “cold, inaccessible, free from remorse” and not have succeeded “to perceive a sincere empathy” : “Until the last pleadings of the civil parties, they will never stop rolling their eyes to the sky”reported during his indictment the prosecutor Michel Sastre, on the penultimate day of the trial.

He also denounced “insolence” of the defendants, who never stopped “minimize their responsibility and the extent of the disaster” over the course of the hearings. And the magistrate to recall the ” shame “ of some victims, “their guilt” to have been taken in, one of them even explaining having had the feeling “to be raped”.

“You have to understand a system that has been put in place, thought out, planned. They want to make believe that they have made therapeutic choices”but it is an organization “aiming at making maximum money in minimum time, with insatiable greed”, to which they indulged, insisted Mr. Sastre. Her colleague, Marion Chabot, went further by mentioning “industrial policy” set up by the Guedj sons and fathers and their “methodical, cynical and treacherous plan”.

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