At the trial of the November 13 attacks, the flight and the last mysteries of Salah Abdeslam

Full to bursting for the interrogation – the silences – of Salah Abdeslam on Wednesday, then the broadcast, on Friday, of the sound and images of the Bataclan carnage, the courtroom was suddenly depopulated and there was no longer any world, Monday, April 4, to witness the swing of the trial of the attacks in the post-November 13.

The special assize court in Paris immersed itself, for two weeks, in the final chapter of the investigation: the escape of several defendants in the hours and days following the attacks. It will still be necessary to hear the psy experts, some civil parties on the waiting list since the fall, the indictment and the pleadings, and the court will be able to render its verdict, expected on June 24.

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What was Salah Abdeslam doing while Paris sank into horror on November 13, 2015? The interested party was to have the floor on this subject on Wednesday April 13, but no one hopes that he delivers the mysteries surrounding his schedule and his intentions that evening. On Monday, two investigators came to present what we know of the first hours of his flight, in France then in Belgium, from 9:59 p.m., the starting point of their presentations.

At that time, three bombs had already exploded at the Stade de France, the terraces of the 10and and 11and districts have been devastated, the attack on the Bataclan began twelve minutes ago. Salah Abdeslam, after dropping off the suicide bombers at the stadium, parks his Clio in Place Albert-Kahn, in the 18and district, in the north of Paris.

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Waiting for improbable answers

“I gave up on putting on my seat belt”, he said, Wednesday, without any precision, leaving the audience to their questions. When did he give up? By dropping off the terrorists at the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis? So why not return to Belgium immediately instead of entering Paris?

Why did you stop in the 18and arrondissement ? Should we see a link with the message of claim of the Islamic State which, the next day, will mention by mistake the 18and district among the places of the attacks? Salah Abdeslam, the only member of the commandos to have gone there, should he blow himself up there? A few hours after the attacks, says the investigator at the bar, he will explain to friends “that he entered a bar but that seeing young people, he did not activate his belt”.

While waiting for improbable answers from Salah Abdeslam, we are content to walk in the “world of hypotheses”, according to the formula of his lawyer, Martin Vettes. Should the Paris metro be targeted? This is suggested by the sub-folder titled “Metro Group”, inside the “November 13” folder housed on a computer of the terrorist cell. The person concerned himself told the investigators that he had taken line 4, close to the place where he had just parked the Clio, “for one or two stations”.

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