Belén Esteban finds out about the risk to his health thanks to a secret video

Bethlehem Stephen she has always taken herself very seriously when it comes to health issues. In fact, he did not hesitate to publicly confront a Pau Padilla after daring to question the existence of the coronavirus. And not only that, since the woman from Cádiz also seemed to be in favor of unethical practices such as biodecoding.

Something that led her to win a lot of criticism. "My friend is a biodecoder, a wonderful thing that I advise everyone", explained the presenter openly. "These are people who study emotions because emotion is something we don't know how to control or understand. Nor manage it. We understand hate, anger, envy very well, but not emotions like sadness or love," he pointed out.

Photo of Belén Esteban in 'Sálvame'

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All this caused, even, that Mediaset decided to do without Padilla for a while, although everything indicates that they would have resumed their professional relationship recently.

The author of The humor of my life has not yet rejoined the staff of telecincbut it is clear that he will not step on the set of save me. His booing with Bethlehem Stephen it caused him to leave never to return, but he could find a place in another program.

Although, first, Pau will have to deal with a new controversy, which is that she was recently caught drinking, which has attracted the attention of her followers, since, as she explained some time ago, the problems health conditions prevent him from drinking alcohol.

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"Please look at her. He doesn't even know what they're asking him about the drunkard he's wearing," commented a user with a video that showed Padilla's state of intoxication.

After seeing the images, the girl from Cádiz was forced to give explanations. "I want to clarify something because I saw something on social networks that really caught my attention," he began by saying.

Belén Esteban catches him drinking and demands an explanation

In addition, he pointed directly to the person he believes is responsible for what has happened. "He is a reporter who works for Europa Press", he accused him. "He said I was in La Casa del Terror as a drunk."

And then he went on to explain what had actually happened and what caused his condition. "I mean I never drink alcohol. I always drink non-alcoholic beer", he explained, showing a bottle of non-alcoholic beer.

Padilla explained that he cannot drink because of a disease called Gilbert's syndrome. "It alters me a lot and I don't digest alcohol, I don't assimilate it."

Capture of Pau Padilla in 'El Hormiguero'.

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According to her version, Padilla wanted to take the hair of the journalists who were recording her, but everything has been exaggerated and taken out of context. "And then, is anyone surprised or surprised that I'm joking around? I don't think so, it's my way of life", he says. In this way he emphasized that his health comes first and that he never plays with it.

Paz is going through a great personal moment, now that she has found love again with her new boyfriend, Fran Medina. After losing her husband, the comedian smiles again next to a man who makes her very happy. He has managed to get something very positive out of his period of mourning: a different way of understanding death that he wanted to capture in his book.

Paz Padilla for Cadiz with Fran Medina


"At first it shocked me, but then I understood that I also felt this feeling of love," said Paz. "I understood that he had fulfilled his stage, he had come here, he had done what he had to do and now he had to continue the journey", she said about her husband's last moments.

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