Belén Esteban manages to leave his daughter speechless with the unexpected wedding announcement

Bethlehem Stephen she has been very critical of her partner Kiko Matamoros since last week they had a tough matchup at save me. The collaborator confessed, after returning from a trip with his girlfriend, Marta López, that Belén no longer interested the audience.

Paracuellos was quite hurt with Matamoros for his statements, so she did not hesitate to tell him what she thought on set. Even though Bethlehem Stephen she claimed to feel quite betrayed, finally everything ended in an affectionate embrace between them. Despite this, Bethlehem Stephen he again criticized his colleague a save me few days later

Photo by Laura Fa and Belén Esteban


Belén claimed that many of the show's panelists did not speak ill of Matamoros because they were afraid of him. Alonso Caparrós he repeated to her several times that "she was rude and a liar". In addition, Alonso has accused Belén of being a hypocrite for repeating the same behavior he criticized of his colleague.

  1. The duel between Kiko Matamoros and Belén Esteban
  2. The wedding news that surprised Belén Esteban

The duel between Kiko Matamoros and Belén Esteban

Esteban's discussion with Caparrós began following the confrontation between Kiko and Laura Fathat, despite the fact that they never seemed to get along very well, lately the relationship has taken a turn for the worse.

Laura Fa has recently criticized the new courtship of the famous ex of Makoke. Like this, Laura Fa he confessed that he did not understand a relationship with such an age difference. And the fact is that Marta López and Matamoros live around 40 years apart. This has been something that has been heavily criticized since the beginning of their relationship in 2019.

Marta has always wanted to stay away from the couple's controversies. However, he has not hesitated to defend himself against the harsh accusations of Laura Fa on his podcast. "I don't know why they can mess with my physique, whoever it is. You put your hands on your head, you shouldn't judge anyone's physique."

Photograph of Laura Fa and Kiko Matamoros in 'Sálvame'

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the young woman influencer he also talked about his partner's conflict with Bethlehem Stephenbecause, as Belén has also confirmed on many occasions, he says that he gets along quite well with her. "I adore Belén, I like it, it seems charming to me. They have a lot of affection for each other, he has expressed it to me in private and I know it. And Belén to Kiko too».

The wedding news that surprised Belén Esteban

After 3 years of relationship, Kiko Matamoros and his partner have announced their engagement. Although their friends and family already knew, they have decided to make it public. "I can finally tell you that this happened a few days ago. Some of our friends and family already knew about it and we wanted to share it with you. It couldn't make me happier to marry you: yes, I want to, my love."

In the style of Tamara Falcó with her ex, the couple announced the wedding with a photo of the moment and a romantic message.

Despite the harsh criticism they have received from many com Bethlehem Stephenthe couple looks very happy. The companion of Bethlehem Stephenrecently dedicated some beautiful words to Marta López Álamo a let yourself be wanted. Kiko said he had realized that he wanted to be with Marta forever "You are the woman for my whole life", confessed Belén's partner. In addition, he added that he wanted to marry her and live every day taking care of her.

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This gave us some hints that they would soon announce their wedding; and so it has been. Will be Bethlehem Stephen one of the guests in the link?

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