Belén Esteban, sad to know that they have already leaked her dismissal from 'Sálvame'

Belén Esteban could not help but cry after learning that his dismissal from save me And everything points to that Mediaset Spain would be taking more than one measure after the terrible results it has recorded this past year.

Just a few hours ago, an unexpected piece of news came to light. After more than 23 years at the head of this audiovisual group, various media outlets in our country have confirmed that Paolo Vasile had been fired in a flash.

Belén Esteban and Paolo Vasile, on a tightrope

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And, although at first this information seemed true, the truth is that these rumors are not entirely true. In a short statement issued by this Italian company, they assured that the head of Belén Esteban "has not been dismissed as CEO [conseller delegat] of Mediaset Spain".

Although their exit from the group is already a fact, they have made it very clear that the bad data of the last year has nothing to do with it. "He had asked to leave already, but the pandemic delayed his departure, which is now consumed", they added, confirming that his withdrawal was by "mutual agreement".

"It is a slow voluntary exit, which begins in July 2019. Instead of leaving in 2020, as I had planned, it will happen in February or March of next year."

For his part, the head of Belén Esteban, for now, is clear that these rumors respond to a clear revenge. "I would announce my retirement. Someone wanted to give me a blow, as a revenge", assured Vasile.

But this is not the only cut that could happen in the coming days. After the drop in audience experienced by the different formats of La fábrica de la tele, some of his most legendary collaborators, among whom there is ""the princess of the people", could be on a tightrope.

Belén Esteban fears for his future within save me

Belén Esteban is very worried about everything that is happening inside telecinc. The talkative woman is aware that there is something that has not been working inside her for some time Mediaset Spain and that could end with the dismissal of her and all colleagues.

From the top of this audiovisual medium, they have already realized that the grids of the different channels do not work as before and, for this reason, they have not thought twice about starting to make modifications.

set of Sálvame


In fact, they have started with the main channel. Imitating the model of the most direct rival, the management team has already bought several Turkish soap operas, in addition to the well-known series Coffee with a woman's aroma.

Certainly, The TV factoryit is the production company that has to fear all these changes the most. Despite having been the star of telecinc for several years, today, Unicorn contentand all its formats eat away at it.

For this reason, both the collaborators of all its programs and the formats themselves, are one step away from disappearing from telecinc. At the end of this year, several talk shows, including Belén Esteban, should renew their contracts.

But that moment might not come. In recent months, the heads of the Paracuellos have realized that it no longer generates the same interest in the audience and they could be studying not to count on it for the future.

Another of the collaborators who no longer belongs to the family of save me is Gustavo González. And is that, his involvement in theOperation Deluxe may have been the cause of its departure from the format.

Belén Esteban on set

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"After 20 years in the middle, I am very grateful to have participated in programs that are history. I feel proud to have been a part of save me And I want to make it very clear that I am not engaged to anyone", assured Belén Esteban's ex-partner in one of his last interviews.

"Simply, they did not renew my contract. Maybe they didn't like it. But nothing happens. There came a time when the very conflicts between contributors mattered more than bringing news. It was better to put on the show. In this program no one is essential".

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