Belén Esteban, unable to forgive what his father-in-law did to Andreíta before he died

Bethlehem Stephen has returned to a certain normality in the life and professional sphere after being in a wheelchair for a long time, as a result of his fall on the set of save me.

Fortunately, this dark time is behind us and now we see her appear more and more on the set of Telecinco. Of course, she does it with the help of a crutch and sitting on a more comfortable armchair than the chairs provided by the program for the rest of the collaborators.

Belén Esteban has returned to real life and he only escapes once reality of the chain where he works, a member of the Janeiros is participating. A man who knows many secrets about her and her daughter Andreíta.

  1. Belén Esteban, in shock with the confession of a relative of Jesulín
  2. Belén Esteban, attentive to what Víctor Janeiro explains to reality rural
  3. Jesulín's brother opens up like never before

Belén Esteban, in shock with the confession of a relative of Jesulín

The fact is that Víctor, the brother of Jesulín de Ubrique, has positively surprised everyone since the start of the reality rural nightmare in paradise.

Photograph of Víctor Janeiro in 'Nightmare in Paradise'

| Mediaset

The truth is that Víctor Janeiro has stood out in these last two months for his role. And it almost always avoids artificial conflict, something the show's audience appreciates.

In the last few days, Jesulín's brother opened up and talked about certain things about the family that were kept in a trunk, but the time has come for all of Spain to know them.

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Belén Esteban has seen that the bullfighter also has a sensitive side and has been able to exploit it during this first part of the reality. He has told his great confidant, Israel Arroyo, about some difficult moments in his life, such as those he experienced with the painful death of his father Humberto.

Belén Esteban, attentive to what Víctor Janeiro explains to reality rural

With a trembling voice, the participant of nightmare in paradise he confesses that he sometimes feels his father's presence and that it manifests itself in one way or another. "There are days when it seems that he is there," said Jesulín's brother.

Editing by Víctor Janeiro and Belén Esteban

| CatalunyaDiari

We remember that just over two years ago, Humberto Janeiro died, leaving the entire Ubrique clan desolate. Belén Esteban saw how Víctor remembered the reasons that caused his father to leave early.

"He was diabetic, he had an ulcer on his leg, but they put him on an antibiotic that healed his leg. But this was damaging his kidneys", he explained.

Jesulín's brother opens up like never before

The truth is that the bullfighter stated that his father still had a pulse when he died, although the doctors clarified that it was not true. What the bullfighter was hearing was his father's pacemaker, still running inside his body.

Víctor Janeiro receives a visit from his mother, Carmen Bazán, in Nightmare in Paradise

| telecinc

On the other hand, his wife, present on the set during many of the galas of nightmare in paradiseshe has been the great defender of Víctor Janeiro all this time. Whenever a contestant charges against Jesulín's brother, the journalist quickly comes to his defense.

In this case, Beatriz Trapote also spoke about Humberto Janeiro and remembered with sadness that she could not see Brenda, her third daughter, alive.

"When I was pregnant with my daughter, we went to the ICU and I told her that I knew I would have a grandson or granddaughter. He was so happy that he could barely speak", revealed Víctor Janeiro's wife on set, while watching the bullfighter talk about one of the most emotional moments of his life.

There it was shown how much Humberto cared about some of his grandchildren and how little he paid attention to others, like his granddaughter Andrea. A disdain that has always made Belén Esteban very angry.

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