broadcast or not the images and sounds of the Bataclan, a thorny debate at the trial of November 13

Debate on the dissemination of photos and an audio tape of the Bataclan, at the special assize court in Paris, March 31, 2022.

What must be shown of the horror at the trial of the attacks of November 13? The question, already discussed several times since the opening of the hearing in September 2021, was the subject of a brief debate, Thursday March 31, due to a request from the association of victims Life for Paris.

Through the voice of his lawyer, Mr.and Jean-Marc Delas, the latter expressed the wish that around fifty photos taken inside the Bataclan after the attack be shown to the audience, as well as three sound extracts captured by the dictaphone of a spectator who was recording the Eagles of Death Metal concert: the entry of terrorists into the Bataclan, exchanges between hostages and the police, and the final assault by the forces of order. Total duration: six minutes (over 2 hours and 38 minutes of recording).

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Until now, the specially composed Assize Court of Paris has shown modesty and parsimony in the broadcasting of sounds and images, so much so that of the horror of the evening of November 13, one does not did not see much: photos of material damage and traces of blood around the Stade de France and on the Parisian terraces; silent videos of terrorists in action recorded by surveillance cameras at the Stade de France, La Bonne Bière and Comptoir Voltaire; a video taken by a resident of La Belle Equipe showing terrorists firing Kalashnikovs. No corpse, or else from very far away, and very furtively.

“No sanitized audience”

From inside the Bataclan, we only saw a thirty-second video taken in the middle of the crowd, during the concert, a few minutes before the arrival of the terrorists. As for the sound, an extract of twenty-two seconds and then another of four minutes have already been broadcast: in the first, we could hear the arrival of the terrorists and the gunshots which put an end to the music; in the second, certain remarks made by the terrorists to the spectators, threats and shootings.

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This is not enough, believes the association Life for Paris. “An assize trial is first of all to show the scene of the crimeexposed Mand Delas, Thursday. There is not an assize trial in which it is not shown, even if it is totally painful, dreadful, morbid. » Mand Géraldine Berger-Stenger, lawyer for the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (AFVT), supports the request “We don’t want a sanitized audience. It is imperative that the accused see, be confronted with the photos and the soundtrack of the crimes committed in the name of the terrorist organization they are suspected of having served. »

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